Good stocks for the Biden reign

I have to say upfront I’m not happy that Trump has been ousted from office. I do not perceive the economy as a whole is going to do well. Taxes will skyrocket, gas and utilities will skyrocket and I will be returned, as I was under Obama, to years without a raise and less take home pay.

The only saving factor will be that I usually do well in the stock market, not so much my retirement account because I can’t pick individual stocks, but my own personal account. I’ve had an excellent year, despite Covid and Trump’s impending exit.

I believe Bidens policies are going to kill fossil fuel stocks, but green energy stocks will rise. Also emerging technologies such as electric/autonomous cars, and particularly lithium battery companies, 5G companies and a couple others…

I will tell you some stocks I’ve invested in and have done well this year, do some research though. I’ve bought into Ericcson, Zynga, and impinj to name a few.

Thoughts, opinions, recommendations on your own investment expectations in the near future?

I’ve been incredibly lucky. I do very little outside of passive index funds and view stock picking as gambling. And it wasn’t until I became a big enough kid to max my 401k and IRA to actually start doing anything in a brokerage account. That said, my entire individual assets are as follows and comprise about 3% of all assets (again - this is just gambling money)

AMZN: at $900 in 2017 (+250%).

TDOC (via LVGO acquisition): in March, 2020 (+250%) - the only time I ever looked at something, said that’s way undervalued, and the market agreed with me.

WEED at $20(USD): in 2019: flat - I frankly just wanted to be a pot stock owner.

I won’t move out of these three unless something drastic happens to disrupt their industries. I’m the most boring investor on the planet. Once a year I buy something and hold it. In 2021, that may be something like Beyond Meats.

If you want to play the green energy sector ICLN is a good way to do that. It’s had a nice run but that sector can absolutely still go higher. I own it and am looking to add.

I sold almost all of my stocks in Sept/Oct. I was thinking market was going to crash due to COVID. But it didn’t and went even higher. Now I have a lot of cash and sitting on sideline. Not sure when I should buy back in again. It can’t just continue to go up like this. It makes no sense to me!

Wish I’d have gotten in on Amazon. Too expensive for my blood. I usually shoot to acquire 100 shares very quickly in anything I buy so I can sell covered calls. That can generate a nice stream if income if you don’t mind the stock being called away.

Teladoc and being meats… Both excellent potential!

I’m looking hard at Lithium. In particular BYD, which is one of China’s biggest Electric car companies. I believe they are considering splitting off their battery production. Warren Buffett has a huge stake in it. Also there are several smaller companies. I think great in the long run if I pick a good one. I’m also looking for a European company called Northvolt to IPO. If it’s not too high at open, it looks very promising.

I will look into that. Anything green should rocket under Biden!

It’s very difficult to find value right now as so many stocks have had tremendous runs! Lots of great companies but they ain’t cheap!

Recently bought TDOC, even though it’s had a big run, still like it going forward.

Little reason to expect a major downturn, I suppose. I preferred Livongo as a stand-alone firm, but nobody asked me. The whole IOT health with nudges seemed a winner.

Look companies that are going to be big parts of the emerging technologies. I own blackberry. Very inexpensive, yet I believe is going to be a big part of autonomous cars. I enjoy the hunt…

I plan on cashing out before Biden can tank the economy myself.

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I’ve given that some serious thought, but I’ve been looking at other options. I can’t do much to my retirement plan through my employer but I can sell and reinvest my personal account which I’m beginning to do. I think there are some good ways to invest to help weather the coming economic downturn.

When is that? If I know I can make big $. It didn’t happen when he in November.

People been crazy on IPO’s this past six months I am used to the majority dropping the day of trading not these days about every one has made a one week move 50% or higher within a week of debuting.

Well mine isn’t connected with my retirement. I get a monthly check from the company for my retirement.

I just didn’t want to pay taxes this coming spring on the profits. Wait till jan and pay a year from this spring.

I don’t want to wait till Biden crashes the economy and market though.

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I have been making some investments in eastern Europe a speculative play but two have really paid off.

Haven’t done anything there. Been looking at a couple Chinese companies though. What were yours in Eastern Europe?

Doordash and airbnb have taken off…