Good Riddance to the double impotus

the double impotus has left the white house
welcome President Joe Biden and Vice President Kama Harris

Hopefully they can undo teh damage the criminal did


…and all the sheople said “orange man baaa, baaa, baaad”…one more time as Trump leaves. :sunglasses:

As all the Sheople celebrate a stolen election. :sunglasses:

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All aboard the Kid Sniffer Express!



Any bets on when Commie-la takes over? :sunglasses:

Who will the Trumpers/Birthers/Tea Party people latch onto next?

“I want him out of public life…”

  • George Will
    circa 2019




Who? Anyone listen to him any more?

The American people agreed with him.

Not because of him.

I think it’s hilarious that you people use that sheople term on others, while believing your Shepherd Trump, his lies(including mass election fraud and other deep state conspiracy BS), and parrot everything that lines up with his(not yours) ideology. :sheep:

Well…Sheeple gonna sheep and project… :sunglasses:


I agree, Trump didn’t lose because of the media.

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That was a pretty sad send-off. Even Pence didn’t show up. And Mitch and McCarthy chose church with Biden instead.


The media as a whole certainly were a factor.

But no one listens to George Will, media member?

Is George Will the entire media or even a significant fraction of it?

The media helped convince Americans that Trump isn’t fit for office. Media member George Will has been saying for years that Trump isn’t fit for office. No one listens to George Will.

Seems like a disconnect there.

That’s certainly what they got paid for.

And it’s all about getting paid.

When the media is on your side, you were never the resistance. :man_shrugging:

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