Good News, Trump tested Negative

We all can breath easier and relax now that Trump doesn’t have COVID19.

Trump is good to go…


Doesn’t it take longer than that?

For normal people like us little over 2 days.

And he could be infected tomorrow.

No one is immune from being exposed.

But I’m glad Trump doesn’t have the flu. He’s having a hard enough time focusing on what his task force says.

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When was his test?

The article I read about it, on Fox, is very poorly written.

Sounds like he took it this Saturday and had the results back the same day.

For a President, maybe they sped up their testing?

Or maybe not. ; )

Good I disagree with trump on alot of his positions but I would never wish him to get sick.

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I’d say that’s pretty damn fast.

Good. I would hate for any President to be ill.

Must be those super genes his doctor told us about.

Good news.

Or the copious hand sanitizer he uses.

It can be done in under 24 hours.

Still, if the test was today, that’s fast.

He’s the most important man in the world. Of course it’s quick.

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Apparently…maybe like 8 hours (or even less) for the most important man in the world.

Glad he tested negative. He’s in the vulnerable group. Hopefully the WH doesn’t get infected.


This is excellent news. I was never concerned that he might have it in the first place, but it’s probably good for the TP tards at box mart to hear it officially from the panic news networks.


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Test was yesterday (Friday) as mentioned by Trump in first briefing earlier today.

Have Schiff and Pelosi subpoenaed the test yet?