Good News? September Jobs Report


Yes wage increases are essential permanent for the company. Tax cuts? well if the dem’s get their way they will be removed and the tax going back up. They basically said as much as soon as the bill was passed. Most of my “tax cut” windfall is going into the bank. I have made a few puchases that I normally wouldn’t. But there is too much uncertainty.

if the R’s keep the house and senate after november, every month they should introduce a bill that has a single line in it. Personal tax cut that have a sunset date are now permanent (well I know it can say it that way, but should be a single line amending the sunset date out of the law so it’s permanent).

Get the D’s on record every stinking month of voting down keeping the tax cut permanent.


I believe many are missing my point altogether. I wasn’t trumpeting stadium subsidies in my example. I was focused only on the small business owners surrounding the stadiums. They might range from parking lots, to bars, to eateries, to souvenir shops, to merchandizing to, vendor trucks, to hotels. Each of those small business owners profits from the large stadium. That is the trickle down effect I’m referring to.


It’s nonsense to me because it’s nonsense, because I’m not an idiot Libertarian.

The government doesn’t TAKE your money. You have free will, you live in a democracy, you vote for representatives who vote on your behalf for proper taxation and spending levels. The government manages a framework in which an economy functions; you do want you want to make a living within that framework, and as part of the agreement you’ve made, you fund that management. You may not agree with particular specifics of it all, but you are part of the system, which you’ve agreed to pay for.


This post basically admits that corporate tax cuts don’t result in wage increases.

Which is how it was sold to the American people.


Again. That’s not backed up by statistics.

One of the reasons for that is rent. Most small businesses for example do not own the property on which they operate. Once the stadium goes up or about so does rent eating away the profits. There’s more


It matters for satidums because they are often built and subsidized with public Money and overall the boost in the economy is temporary to say the least.

Same can’t be said about Corp. holdings


You seem to be missing the point of the criticism of your example. Your example of trickle down economics sounds fine in theory but doesn’t work in practice. Some benefit but the benefit is small and localized, where as the cost is great and diffuse.

Which ironically is why it’s such a good example for trickle down economics which rarely if ever works as advertised.


For the people that were given raises by their companies it sure did.

Not all companies are doing that.

Some companies are helping employee’s plan for the future with increaing 401k contributions (long term bennefit for the employee’s). Some are expanding (benefit for the new employee’s that will be hired), and a benefit to the companies hired to do the work.

Wage increases shouldn’t be the only metric looked at in the tax cuts.


By all means, show us the expanded metrics.


You’re right. The responses zeroed on on the stadium itself, and the (de)merits of such a project.

I wrote a long description of money flow DURING the construction, but what happens around that stadium once it’s in place (especially if it’s a successful arena) IS an example of ongoing financial flow – and oftentimes better than what was in place before it was built.

Likewise look at most Wal Marts. People complain that they put mom-and-pop shops out of business, but surrounding just about any Wal Mart you find, there are tire shops, strip malls, beauty parlors, fast food… In fact, you’ll find private businesses INSIDE many of the Wal Marts – opticians, beauticians, banks, McDonalds and other fast food, florists, financial advisors …


Companies that are increasing their match on 401k
Companies that are increasing spending on investment in the company
Companies that have given raises
Companies that have given bonuses
Companies that are increasing donation to charitable causes.

There are 5 metrics right there on the tax cuts. But everyone only focuses on the workers getting raises.


Those are metrics. Where is the data?


See link I posted of companies that are doing one or a combination of what I posted as metrics I use.

Notice I didn’t put in my metrics increase in dividends to stock holders (even through that would be a good metric as well because it’s putting money in a person’s pocket to spend.)


Sorry, but those are merely anecdotes.


… of over 700 example companies.

Want in on part of that? Apply for a job at one of them. the void you’ll leave at your current employer will likely force him to offer a better salary to the next guy to fill that void.

Most every regular taxpayer also got some sort of a tax cut. Probably you as well. And I’ll bet you are spending the extra money one way or another.


Terrible analogy. Stadiums usually end up costing the city millions and are bad for tax payers.

Regardless, you’ve pointed out how its supposed to work. Yet that never happens. If it did, then everytime there’s massive tax cuts for the top, they’d eventually flow to the bottom. Yet wages have been flat for most Americans for the past 35+ years, yet the top 1% has seen massive amounts of wealth flow in.

Forbes top 400 richest Americans just came out and their collective net worth nearly doubled in the past 10 years. Meanwhile most Americans are still at pre-recession wealth levels, and barely making ends meet.

But please continue to tell us your economic fairytale.


Trumpsters will wear that as a badge of honor.

“Best healthcare in the world!!”

“Good!! Schools are just liberal indoctrination camps!”

The GOP doesn’t care, and they’ve convinced the people their policies hurt the most not to care either.


You don’t get to latch onto only one part of the economic equation.


Companies don’t hire more people because they have more money. They hire more people because they have/will have more business.


Stadiums are built with public money. Just because some people benefit, doesn’t mean it is economically sound.