Good News? September Jobs Report


That makes no sense. If demand didnt exist they would go out of business. Please open a local store that sells 500lb pink crayons and tell me that “supply side” creates demand lol


I dont think @peek-a-boo realized we are running $trillion deficit right now. So much for not advocating “Keynesianism” lol


The dude has to be a masochist. Why would you continually pretend to know something in a room full of people who actually know things? I mean, none of us are even rising above entry level macroeconomics yet we’re running circles around him.


As is always the case with LIBs, they are obsessed with trying to force those who disagree to see things their way. That obsession borders on…………………

I’ll let you use you imagination.


trickle down derangement.


You LIBs are in lock step agreement on many things you really don’t understand. In regards to me daring to interact with that kind of close knit circle of like-minded LIBs, I actually enjoy it. I can assure you that I’m taking away things from these conversations that you wouldn’t begin to fathom. :+1:


As I alluded to earlier it makes perfect sense to someone who understands Supply Side economic theory.


being in lock step agreement on the definition of words is a good thing, and not the least bit controversial. There’s a reason you’re on your own in this thread. Even red hatters can recognize a flawed argument from time to time.



They just don’t have the same sense of adventure I do with these kinds of pointless exercises.


The 8 thousand post thread on Kavanaugh begs to differ. If you would just acknowledge the basic definition of well established terms then this exercise wouldn’t be pointless.


I feel sorry for you


that’s because nobody has ever trickled down to you. SAD.


Why because I refuse to buckle to your demands?

No need to feel sorry for me.

I got exactly what I was looking for from you. :wink:


No one with any knowledge of economics would agree with you.


What’s your point?

Just seems like you’re here to attack people.

i already said I don’t even like (or use) the term trickle down, so your suggestion that I’m even discussing it here is trollish.

I addressed the rathole about where funding comes from on a particular initiative. Nothing more.

You simply demonstrated (quite fully) my last sentence in my post that you cited.


peek a boo brought up the building of a hospital as the example of trickle down economics.


You found an article which takes issue only with an assertion, which it claims was made, that supply side means that tax cuts will pay for themselves.

The article doesn’t take issue with the assertion that supply side policy is concerned primarily with tax rates, and secondarily with levels of regulation. So, it doesn’t argue with the Wikipedia entry at all.

In fact, when the article gets to setting out what supply side means, it says:

Good find, your article supports what everyone’s been telling you, the Wiki entry, everything. Except, of course, what you’re claiming.


Cool. But that’s not what I responded to.

I clearly quoted what I addressed. And it was not a hospital being an example of trickle-down-anything.


It seems from your post that you were at least partially aware of what we were talking about. The source of funding is one of the central issues with his original anecdote. He used the building of a hospital as an example of trickle down economics. If that hospital were built by private investment made possible by tax cuts then he might have an argument. In reality it’s much more likely that the hospital was built at least partially with public funds, making his example self-defeating.


I read most but not all of the comments in this thread. Forgive me if someone already mentioned it, but…

The September jobs report marks EIGHT FULL YEARS (96 consecutive months!!) in which the US economy has add jobs in each and every month without fail. This streak began with a positive jobs report way back in October 2010.

To put that into perspective…in October 2010, the first generation iPads were new. They had only been on the market for a few months. The San Francisco Giants were facing the Texas Rangers in the world series. Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way you Are” was at the top of the Billboard charts.


I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I think the previous record streak for continuous jobs growth ended at around 44 or 46 months. This streak is unprecedented.

Good news.