Good news? Record economic expansion!

Today we hit 121 consecutive months of economic growth. Congratulations, America!

That’s a little over a decade of consecutive growth. Good job, America !


Funny how no one notices the massive elephant in the room.

Ten years in a row! Think of the rock solid foundation it took to build that house.

It’s got termites

This is only to shown when a dem is president. How many times do you have to be told that.

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That clock only matters to Hannity forum members when a Democrat is in office. Haven’t you been paying attention here?

What matters most right now is this: When Obama was in office we had the worst economy in US history. Now that Trump is in the oval office, we are setting records for the longest period of economic expansion on record!!!


But Republicans have told me that the economy didn’t start booming until after Trump became President. This is despite the fact that over 2.7 million jobs were created in 2015 while Obama was still President.

those jobs were only created because real 'Mercuns knew Obama would be term-limited out of office.


Yesterday, I heard an AM radio host acknowledge the record stretch of a continually expanding economy. He admitted in passing that this streak started before the current administration but quickly added, “Even Obama couldn’t destroy it.”

Made me laugh.