Good News? Monthly Jobs Report

So here’s the report:

Pretty good. 196,000 jobs created. First quarter average 180,000. So pretty good. Slowing down from last year though. Which again makes sense at full employment. Unemployment rate still at 3.8% Wages up only 4 cents though. So that’s not too good.

Manufacturing coming BACK at -6,000 jobs!

We need at least 300,000 to keep up with inflation!!

Still not seeing how we went from 40% unemployment at the start of trumps presidency to 3.8%…


Good news! Yay jobs!

Yeah but all that matters is labor participation rate. That’s what we were told for 8 years.

The Trumpists are pathetic.


Well I guess some quantitative easing is needed

You’ve got to be ■■■■■■■ kidding me.

Iono, is it serioussly or litteraly