Good News? May Monthly Jobs Report

Time for the monthly jobs report thread. Here’s the BLS link:

Only 75,000 jobs created which actually doesn’t keep pace with population growth. But still positive job growth is good. Wage increase of only 6 cents. Not too good. And March and April revised down by 75,000. Not good. Overall not a great report.

If tariffs on Mexico go through on Monday and persist, we’re going to start seeing negative numbers from the BLS and BEA. No one knew the global economy was so complicated.

Recession incoming

The fed will cut rates to deal with this, so the stock market should be up.

Indeed. That was this week’s message.

“Don’t worry. We’ll protect you from idiocy.”

This is where I declare conspiracy, they have to be in on it, they can’t be this stupid. Telling trump the key to lower interest rates is more tariffs couldn’t possibly lead to anything bad…

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That’s what’s so frustrating. We don’t need to lower rates. We need to stop twitter trade wars.

We have about reached the time for Republican leadership to tank the economy just in time for Democrats to take over and deal with Republican complains that they aren’t fixing the mess they were left quickly enough.


If that were the case, I think it’s more likely they just want a recession now so we can come out of it before the next election. The economy is doing pretty decent right now, and Trump is still very unpopular. If it’s not going gangbusters in November 2020 he has zero chance. He loses Texas. :grinning:

Yup. That’ll be the part of the cycle where Republicans start screaming about the national debt being an existential threat.


Yep. A Democrat will be elected for POTUS in 2020 then the radio will start shouting about the deficit

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Beat me to it