Good News?! January job growth 467,000

So we actually gained 467,000 jobs. ADP survey was way off.

Here’s the actual report:

So good news right?

Good so we can stop the ■■■■■■■ welfare to every tom dick and harry.

Good news!

I am thinking participation rate will make its way into the thread (outside of my post that is) by post 5. Anybody wants to get in on this pool?


Let us know when we get back to pre pandemic job numbers, only three and a half million or so to go.

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The number of persons not in the labor force who currently want a job was little changed
at 5.7 million in January. This measure decreased by 1.3 million over the year but is
708,000 higher than in February 2020.

We’re getting there. Can’t really complain about 467,000. People here were salivating when the ADP survey and calling Biden a total failure because he lost us 300,000 jobs. I suggested people wait for the BLS report.

Yes they can and will. Despite him….

from A pre-pandemic U.S. job market is a long way off | Reuters

America’s unemployment rate has fallen quickly from its 6.7% level in December 2020 while the labor force participation rate increased 0.4 percentage points to 61.9% in December. Still, overall employment is down by 3.6 million jobs from the April 2020 peak.


Ahem what? A December job report to make a point about January to make a point about two different comparison points ….?

Do you think things get fixed right away? Are you thinking any jobs report that doesn’t get us completely back to pre covid levels is bad?

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I didn’t say this was a bad number.

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So it was a good number?

Sure, certainly better than 300k. Jobs aren’t the problem.

A lot of sad Republicans today after they gloated over ADP.

Entirely possible this number will be revised downwards at some point, wouldn’t be the first time.


Hope springs eternal, right?

Again, no, just pointing out the obvious.

Ok. :wink:

I am glad to see this.

That should also help facilitate an end to the vaccine and mask mandates.

Then we will have 2 steps forward.

Don’t gloat too much, there are still ample issues with the economy.