Good news in Iran!

Who said anything is new? The obvious respect for the U.S. and Israel is nice though. Right?

Impossible when it’s pathological.

They are not fighting conservatism. It’s Islamo-fascism. There is nothing conservative about government oppression.

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I’m referring to religious conservatives in Iran…

Ok. Fair enough.

Pretty clear the entire premise of this thread is for Trump supporters to claim victimhood and pretend liberals want Iranians to hate America


Well, at least it’s clear when viewed through a TDS filter.

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No, we’re laughing at you all because you’re so predictable.

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What I get is that Trump (unexpectedly if that helps) broke one of the key links in the chain of oppression hovering over the populace of Iran.

An accidental hero.

Too bad we can’t do the same for Venezuela.


Thanks for proving my point

Yes and I was opposed to Obama not offering up support for them.

But we have missed our chances to do that for decades.

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Sorry, but you have absolutely no moral authority to speak for me. You have not earned that privilege.There is no “premise” to my thread what so ever. The “premise” was invented by you. It was created in your head. I made no mention of the President. My thread was intended to be exactly as I worded it. Are we clear?

I’ve tried to explain how its simply a waiting game in iran. That’s why the stuff like the drone strike is counter productive. People here and everywhere like to lump groups together. Think that all Iranians are hardline conservatives. Farthest from the truth. See it’s not all TDs. Theres actually some backing to what some people have to say.

And you’re wrong.

“The People” of Iran cannot depose the Mullahs without outside help.

The Killing of Solemani led to both pro and anti Regime protests and lit the fuse for the successive protest when the regime not only lied about the effects of their airstrikes on Iraqi/US bases, but also then lied about how the Iranian Airliner went down for three days until forced to admit it after the videos broke.

Those are all good things. The more concerned Iran’s leaders are with internal strive the more it reduces the likelihood of further attacks.

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Which is probably why Iran did not respond to the killin of Sole-man. If we cut off the head of the snake, the Mullahs might get hung from a lamp post.

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Sure. Thats why jumped on me instead of WildRose and let all the “TDS” and Democrat bsshing posts slide.


No again, you whiffed. I jumped on you because I like WildRose better. :love_you_gesture:
Again. No Premise what so ever. If you want to know the message of the thread, then read the thread. It means what it says. Fair enough?:blush:

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Because he fit your political motives in making this thread. Got it.

Or maybe I just think you’re too grumpy? He always speaks to me respectfully. You? Not so much. Have you considered that?

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Stop your whining and pretending. I didn’t set the premise for this thread the OP did.

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