Good news in Iran!

A truly heartwarming story here. Protestors in Iran refuse to trample the American and Israeli flags. These people have more courage and respect for our country than the frauds Ilhan Omar and Colin Kaepernick could ever have. Nobody appreciates freedom more than those who don’t have it. Iran may be ripe for revolution. Finally a story that democrats and republicans can be happy about. :us:


I saw that. Heartwarming and a big, big change.

Don’t worry, the paid protesters will be out soon burning flags and dancing on the one’s painted on the streets.


I’m surprised that so many of our fellow board members have no opinion. To me, this is an incredibly positive story.

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Give it time, the paramilitary and police thugs will start shooting and beating the protesters again then our “friends” will rush in to blame their suffering and death on Trump.

Just wait, you know it’s coming.


There’s been a pretty large generational split for sometime between the young generation and old in Iran for sometime, regarding western culture.

Poor Trump. Always the victim

Amen to that!

Did you see Omar speaking about how she has PTSD from the killing of the Iranian terrorist but yet when Shelia Jackson Lee was talking about the deaths of Americans Omar was behind her laughing her arse off. Even the rest of the squad was cutting their eyes at her over that.

Disgusting woman.

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You’re missing out here. This is a very positive story. Set aside your Trump hatred for a few minutes and enjoy! We should all love this story! :us:

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Good news indeed!

Then tell your compatriot to not bring up Trump in the conversation.


There has been a modern generation of Iranians who despise the mullahs and have for some time.

It’s not new.

Yep. Isn’t something like 70% of the Iranian population under 35? There are many pockets of modernization in Iran. It’s a very strange country, sometimes seemingly opposite in terms of hardline conservatism. Of course, all we hear about in the US are the radicals since they still maintain governmental control.

People often have more common sense than their leadership. Good to see.

and CNN will cover it non stop

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I know it will be tough but try really hard to come up with some new and preferably original material of your own.

Parroting the same lame borrowed lines over and over doesn’t exactly make a good case for you.

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Islamists and conservatives have nothing in common.

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We’re all well aware of that and have discussed it here many times particularly when Obama wouldn’t support them as they were getting gunned down in the streets begging for help.

I’m pretty sure you were around for that.

I was obviously talking about religious conservatives in Iran


it is indeed a positive story. Set aside your Kaepernick and Omar hatred for a few minutes and enjoy!

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