Good News!? Employers add 312K jobs and the unemployment rate ticks up. 2018 - 2.6 mil jobs

Looks like the economy keeps chugging ahead. The jobs added are clearly over the estimates and the unemployment rate ticked up as people entered the workforce.

A couple of interesting things 2.6 mil jobs added as compared to 2.2 mil last year. An increase from 2017 but not any different from Obama years.

It is nice to see the job market doing so well. Hopefully more money starts getting into the pockets of workers.

We believe these numbers now?

So, the Fed was correct to raise rates?

This is good news. More jobs were created in 2018 than in 2016 and in 2017.

And the labor participation rate is up to 63.1%.

This was a good report. The strong jobs plus the increase in unemployment shows more people are seeking and finding jobs (counterintuitive, I know). Let’s hope to see some good real wage growth next week.

The 20’s will roar. lol

Wow, economy booming. Which we need to pay off our debt. Trump is cool…


Remember when dems predicted the economy failing under Trump? lol!

The latest estimate on the us deficit is 984 Billion. In boom times…

What are the dems proposals to fix the deficit?

What are the reps proposing to fix the deficit?

First off, Good News!!!(???) on the numbers.

As far as fixing the deficit, cut Defense, institute a one tenth of one percent transaction tax and a flat income tax rate of 0% for the first 50k, 10% up to 200k, and 20% after that.

Should fix it.

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Just last week in the stock market thread cons were complaining that the fed were affecting the economy.

Now we are back to the feds not affecting the economy?

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They made the market head down. I don’t see any inflation. BUt, with this kind of amazing employment number, I’ll cut them more slack. But, We need dynamic growth to pay for entitlements.

How are you defining “dynamic growth?”

Yay jobs! Good news!!!

This marks 98 consecutive months in which the US economy has added jobs.

I think we are gonna make it to 100! That is unprecedented.

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As fast as we can growth without high inflation. Hitting 4 to 5 % annually would be nice.