Good News!? April Jobs 263k

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 263,000 in April, and the
unemployment rate declined to 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics reported today. [1]

Very good jobs report. If we continue and don’t have a dip, I think by June or July we’ll have been in the longest economic expansion period ever. Congrats to Trump for continuing the trend that Obama set in place.

Jobs in business services, construction, and health care were the largest gains.

  1. Employment Situation Summary

All praise to President Trump and his job creating policies

libs will hate this.

trump’s the worst.

Remember when he was “going to wreck the economy”??

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so glad trump finally kicked the weakest post war econ recovery into high gear

This is good news. I am glad to see that companies are hiring and that folks are finding jobs.

Great news for America.

Congrats to all the black/hispanic/women workers who have only been promised handouts from the dimocrats for decades.

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Well, if by high gear you mean between 2-3% GDP growth.

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You mean congrats for the continuing downward trend in decreasing unemployment that continues at the same rate as under the Obama administration.


No, I am quite happy our economy is stronger than Trump’s terrible policies.

^—- can’t read a chart or data tables.


Congrats to Trump. I’ll dispense with the obligatory mention of Obama since by now, over two years in, it is all Trump.

Sorry, but obamacult doesn’t get to blame his predecessor for 7 years and then take credit 2 years after he’s gone.

He was inept. His policies sucked and they unnecessarily cost us $$Trillions.


Oh, so NOW you want to talk about debts and deficits? Well, let’s do that. How’s the debt and deficit been doing over the last two years, especially since the tax cuts?

I’m not giving credit to Obama for the economic results right now. I’m giving Trump credit for continuing the trend of his predecessor.

And the trillions in debt under Obama were largely a direct result of the recession. The reduction in the deficit was largely a direct result of the recovery.

Whereas the trillions in debt that Trump will add to the deficit is largely a direct result of tax cuts while at full employment in one of the longest expansion periods in history. Get the ■■■■ out if you want to complain about Obama’s responsibility to the debt.


Thank goodness Trump hasn’t ■■■■■■ up the economy so far. Good work!

The debt has gone up slower than under obama. If you want to talk about deficits, let’s a) get rid of obamacare and, b) pass a real budget.

Tax cuts are good. More please!

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Is that right? Source?

Click 10yr

Obama inherited a $1.1 trillion deficit due to a recession. It peaked at $1.4 trillion and got down to about $425B. Trump doubled the deficit with his tax cuts at full employment during one of the longest expansion periods in history. Only an idiot or a liar will think that somehow Trump has been more fiscally responsible.


Good News!!!(???)

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