Good job Mr President!

This is great news for President Trump!

Many people say that Donald Trump is a true military genius. All the generals sought advice from him because he knew everything and he had a very important plan that would help win all the war. In the future, people will say that Donald Trump is the best military president and they are right. Syria is a big problem for Obama. He can’t do anything. Everyone hates him. But then Trump became responsible. Bing Bam Boom. Lada Dada dup. Now we have won. Therefore, we took the army home to protect the border. Isn’t it good to be an American again?

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You are the only person on Earth to have ever said that lol.


Well, the only one besides Donald Trump that is saying that.


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Given the situation in Syria, Donald Trump was always right, this is undeniable. Nobody thought that Donald is going to defeat the Middle East, but they were wrong. Now that Syria is in the hands of those who really want to fight there, we will be fine. Donald in Charge of our days and our nights. Donald in charge of our wrongs and our rights.


No one but Trump knows that being a president is very difficult. Trump knows exactly how the world works, so it’s not surprising that people hate him for making the United States great again. After eight years of failure, the United States has become accustomed to failure, so when Donald Trump wins the United States, it may be painful at first. Rest assured that the United States, Donald Trump will allow you through the initial pain of birth or sexual life, and the pain that must be wonderful once again. I know that Donald wants the best things about America. What about you? Democrats do not want the best things about America. They want to destroy the United States, just like abortion. Donald wants to steal American wealth for the benefit of the entire family. is this wrong? No.

maybe pelosi can build a wall so we can’t get out … kinda like berlin … nah, walls never work

Obama was wrong to send US Troops into Syria. Trump was wrong to have sent more American troops into Syria. The best move he could make is pulling them out and bringing them home. Now if he would just pull us 100% out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

When Donald Trump is done we won’t have any troops in the Middle East.

Good. They have been there way too long.

If the Turks unload on the Kurds Trump will regret his decision.

That’s funny. Trump regrets nothing.

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Yeah, sadly you are correct. I must have had a brain freeze.

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