Good-hearted humor

How about a feel-good thread.

Good clean comedy that people of all ages can enjoy.

I just discovered Jeanne Robertson a month ago and I love her stuff. I’m disappointed because I was going to see her in Omaha in 2 days and that’s been pushed out to November.

She’s 6 foot 2, former Miss North Carolina, her husband’s name is Jerry but she refers to him as LB for Left Brain.

Here’s one of her funniest ones.

If you need to convince someone that they should learn cursive, this will do it:

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I guess this rules out Sam Kinison and Dice Clay?

Carol Burnett. Timeless.

Yes! :smile:

Did you listen to this before you posted it? There’s no sound.

Huh? What are you trying to insinuate with that question?

I thought you would think I was trying to insinuate something, so I added on the explanation. IT HAS NO SOUND!

Morecambe and Wise. A British comedy team.

It does for me.

Anybody else have no sound on that link? It’s just a straight youtube link.

This one has sound.

The Two Ronnies, a British comedy team.

It had sound for me

Weird. To me it just has a humming noise.

All the other videos I hear fine.

In that case. I still love these guys!