Good Guy with a Gun

Hollow point nerf pistol.

Just thought of something, but my guess is someone has said it before:

If men shouldn’t be allowed to weigh in on abortion issues because they can’t have babies, why do non-gun owners get to weigh in on firearm issues?


Because it’s America.

Maybe he survived this for a reason and can turn his life around. I dont feel sorry for him one bit but I do hope he grasps this second chance he has.


So that’s why men shouldn’t be allowed to express their opinion on abortion? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Man splaining bad… Unarmed pacifist splaining good…

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If Wokesters don’t think it’s racist and sexist it probably isn’t worth doing.

Nope. For the same reason, men can opine on abortion.

That’s not what the Feminazis say …

Well, can’t do much about that.

Why? Because it’s America?

Precisely. We can opine on whatever topics we want.

I am surprised you don’t know this already.

I knew it before you were born. But I also know that your ilk is highly selective as to which
opinions are acceptable.


Maybe, but you aren’t talking to my “ilk” (:roll_eyes:), you’re talking to me. You should know better by now.

Why? Are you ashamed of what your ilk stands for? What they say? What they do?

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Why what?

Why should you know better by now?

Because you and I have interacted for years now, and not once have I said something stupid like:

That was not stupid at all. Given the sample of attempts to stifle men’s opinions on abortion (that you conveniently omitted there,) that was a perfectly appropriate question.

And your assertion that you have never once said anything stupid is highly questionable too. I am sure (if I cared in the slightest) I could come up with many examples.

Which brings me back to my point: this just doesn’t fly, because, America. Opine away.

Okay, let me tighten that up for you. I have never said something stupid like somebody can’t opine on an issue.

I thought that would be obvious from context of the post.

You’re protesting too much. A sure sign of guilt. :wink:

For sure I am guilty, just not of that