Going to say it right now

I support Biden resisting hardliners concerning Russia. It’s time to defuse this situation right now. Don’t let them drag us into this mess that was created by EU/NATO and globalist/interventionist right here in America.

If you do one damn thing right in your entire career this is it. Enough damage been done as it is with European/NATO expansionism.

Their will be a time after Putin to make amen to our insane policy we had over the last 20 years or so. But that also means standing up to European elites. They don’t get to control our foreign policy.

Yes Biden ■■■■■■ up by encourage Ukrainians to join NATO/EU. But it’s time to start thinking of post Putin regime…and post EU expansionism and start thinking what is best for our interest.

The problem with NATO as I see it that it’s creation during a particular time and the circumstances associated with it had to go through a transition after the Eastern Block and USSR it was designed to oppose fell apart.

Instead of transitioning to a smaller reserve role to possibly eventually reform on other rational strategic grounds (clearly stated grounds) as it ought to have done, thanks to things like attitudes like that one German high mucky muck who said the “peace dividend” shouldn’t include German base closures because that would hurt their local economies (NATO as international welfare on the American dime), NATO would eventually enter the current growth phase as, and I’ll be blunt, more countries saddled on up to the bar.

But this meant that it would be basically transformed into a country club for nations affair where everyone could join but this one specific guy and their close allies … which would be assured to create tensions with those nations. This is because as a strategic organization they (NATO) need a bad guy to “strategerize” against or else they don’t even serve a rhetorical purpose.

This isn’t exactly the pre-WW1 system of treaties that proved to be complete bullocks because it failed to take into account that there were persons who wanted nothing more than to see the world burn for their fetid Revolution … no, not that, but it seems related.

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nato has nothing to do with it. its the eu.

as far as hardlines go, embargo russian oil and gas and sanction anyone who buys it.

J’Biden ■■■■■■ up dismantling an energy policy that gave Americans affordable fuels and exports that would have given “foreign policy” at least some leverage.
He’s an ■■■■■■■■


NATO is just as guilty…American companies wanted to sell weapons to new members. Money to be made. Not saying that’s bad thing.

Misfire. Sorry.

Either way I just hope Biden doesn’t allow hardliners to ■■■■ things up even more.

Biden said from the get-go that we would not get into a shooting war with Russia. I’d say he is doing his job.
A whole bunch of folks making pretty good statements about a no-fly zone. And I think that the EU is (like us) playing it safe. There is no good way knowing if Putin is really off the rails. Methinks that this venture might be the wall that he hits and he will not have the force to go after a NATO country.

If Putin did not have designs on his neighbors NATO would not be a concern to him. But the fact that he does, demonstrates the necessity for NATO. Blaming NATO for this situation is like blaming the pact between Great Britain and France for Germany’s invasion of Poland.


nato has nothing to do with this war, russia had it within their own power to prevent ukraine from ever joining. what they couldn;t stop was the eu, nato doesn’t sell weapons, they ain’t a store

Well I hope we don’t end up getting nuked for supplying weapons and ammunition to kill Russians with.

Already happening.

If Vlad the Slav inbred did launch a nuke at the US the ensuing nuclear exchange would result in his (or anyone else’s) expansion endeavors worthless.
Except the ChiComs, I think they’re just sitting back watching and waiting.

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Russia provided weapons and ammunition to Vietnam and we didn’t nuke Russia.
If a crazy man has nukes, how far do you go in taking orders from him to prevent an end to civilization? Pretty far, I would guess. But you can’t let him become dictator of the world by using that threat.
He can’t be allowed to set the limit unilaterally.
I would at least cave, however, in not setting up a no fly zone, though it may result in the death of a hundred thousand innocent people….compared to several hundred million.


Seems to me, Putin, no matter our lack of response in Vietnam, may take an entirely different view. Not to mention the extra step of killing their economy.

Yes. He may. Especially if he thinks failure could result in his being tried as a war criminal. It is a problem.

he killed his own economy, the sanctions have had no effect yet, if anything we’re propping him up by not banning oil and gas sales. what does putin have on biden thats keeping him from taking this step?


Another Hunter Biden laptop?

still buying into the russian hoax lies?

That’s wrong.


no, you are.