Going back to Work with Covid as part of the new normal.

I think we just have to accept that opening up the economy is going to result in the virus spreading and people dying. We can’t wait for the vaccine. That’s a non-starter. If we wait until testing capacity is able to handle what the experts say we’re going to need we’re also going to be waiting too long. America’s economy was not designed to be put on pause. People talk about ideas like UBI or debt/rent/mortgage freezes, but that’s not going to happen. It would never get through Congress. We need to work even if it’s going to kill us. Work sets you free.

I don’t disagree and we each make our own decisions. I choose to do it the way I would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

As I read your response, you are restating the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” As a fundamental moral precept the Golden Rule acknowledges the interdependence of human beings.

What we are seeing among a portion of those who are insisting on their “freedom” to ignore safety guidelines as a matter of choice is a rejection of the notion that people are interdependent in favor of individual choice.

Ayn Rand is smiling down; but, then again, she did not believe in the Golden Rule.

Until they catch it between tests.

I keep seeing this being argued but i don’t see this happening.

China just allowed internal vacations for their may holidays. People promptly started taking vacations en masse

What I am talking about is the business itself having the testing capability before allowing a person to go into their building. Not much different from how it is going to a sporting event with everyone getting their bags checked. This may not be possible but it does present a possible solution.

I agree testing is key but I wonder about the HIPAA impacts to employers testing and knowing the results.

There have been some temporary loosening of HIPAA rules pertaining to telehealth and disclosures of PHI made in good faith during the crisis but employees knowing the results of a medical test, well thats going to cause some privacy concerns.

Tests for pathogens aren’t instantaneous.

The quickest one I heard of was about 15 minutes.

No, it will come and go. We’ll develop immunity as we get exposed or vaccinated and it will be a thing of the past for the most part.

Washington has already started lifting restrictions and people still aren’t putting themselves at risk to be served here. Ultimately, as it turns out, consumers have decided it isn’t worth the risk.

China has already gone through this with SARS/H1N1. Could be why their approach is different from ours. Of course their government is also lying to them about COVID-19, so there’s that.

The local restaurants are drawing some nice crowds. Guess they didn’t get your assessment here. :wink: