Godzilla Vs. Kong

I saw Godzilla Vs. Kong today, and it was awesome.

The battle scenes alone were worth the price of admission. The picture looked spectacular in IMAX.

It was great to see a movie in a theatre full of people again.

I give this film a grade of an A-.


I know one thing, Kong better get that shoulder checked out. LOL!

It was a good flick which was a throwback to traditional Godzilla flicks. Oh and the true antagonist in this movie was absolutely awesome.

I saw at home on HBO max. It was entertaining. Not a great movie but acceptable.

2 out of 4.

Did they shrink Godzilla for this? :thinking:

No, they grew Kong.

The movie was exactly what is needed to be. Weak story with awesome fight scenes destroying cities.

How tall are we talking here?

Easily over 300 feet.

We had the original 1933 King Kong on VHS when I was a kid. I wore that tape out by the time I was 6. I always see him falling off the “Umpire State Building” when these new movies come out.


I love the original Kong. The 70s remake with Jeff Bridges comes in a close second.

We must rebuild Hong Kong

Kong and Godzilla killed about 100,000 people in Hong Kong with that fight. Also cause 2 trillions dollar in damages.

Yeah, far worst than Kal-El’s and Zod’s romp through Metropolis in MOS

Much better nutrition than grandpa Kong. :wink:

Ya I was thinking the same thing I am going to check out the movie but dear lord the last few Godzilla movies he is humongous.

What country(s) produced this film? Edit: USA, AUS, Canada, India.,.,

Sounds fun.

My theater went out of business, victim of the pandemic, and the next nearest one is really just too far for an evening jaunt. Bummer, hopefully someone takes it over, though it’s in a struggling mall, and might be a tough sell.



Are they going to Beijing…don’t tell me.

About to leave the house to watch it oozing forward to it