God says I need a 4th private jet costing 54,000,000


and the sad thing is that people will send him the cash.

Hell I need 4 jets too.

I would not prey on the gullible to get them however.


I sure wish I had a cult of idiots sending me cash all the time. lol

It ain’t hard. Just be personable, while manipulative. Be a good speaker, and talk about Jesus and prosperity and you can have it all.

I knew I wasn’t qualified to be rich… I quit Cingular Wireless back in the day because I felt bad about ripping people off for commission. lol

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It’s called a moral compass. Mine points pretty much “don’t steal from people” it’s worked pretty good for 61 years. And I don’t need god to tell me that.


God told me most of what I need to know… well, except for the parts where I wasn’t listening. I hope that wasn’t the part where I’m supposed to have a private plane! :rofl: :man_facepalming:

just anothe reason why churches should be taxed

I can’t believe televangelism is still a thing. It’s so 1980s. Thinking it was dead just a few months ago, I tuned into to a Peter Popoff broadcast. I just about rolled my eyes out of my head.


Somehow we live in a society where he will get that jet.

Same society that has Jim Bakker back on TV selling end times food buckets and cabins in the Ozarks.

I don’t get it.

I still remember back in 1987 when Oral Roberts extorted his followers to cough up 8 million dollars in 2 months or God would “call him home.” Sure enough, he got his money and then some. I like to think that when God finally did “call him home” in 2009 he received several million dollars worth of karma as penance for that stunt.

You know what they say about a fool and his money.

I remember that and the 300 foot Jesus statement.

When her said God would call him home, I thought, 'enjoy the trip, too bad you can’t stay ’

At least Mother Teresa flew coach. :smile:

I despise “prosperity” Christianity pushers, regardless of whatever their particular stripe or angle may be.


I solved Jesse’s 4th jet cash deficit problem. I ordered a bunch of Peter Popoff’s MIRACLE WATER to be delivered to Duplantis’s ministry.

He’ll be flush with cash in no time.


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I know God works in mysterious ways but that is ridiculous.

A church like that should be definitely paying tax,this has nothing to do with religion it’s just an excuse to fleece the gullible.

some evangelicals are the least christian people i know.

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An unfleeced sheep is not a happy sheep.

….and in that time, many will say, did I not cast out demons in your name? And I will say, depart from me for I never knew you.