God, Family, Country!

Whatever happened to the motto of God, Family, and Country?

The Answer? The Democrats have been working for years and years to systematically
take down what Americans Basic core values are.

Well, isn’t working? A Party that stand for open borders, that allows illegal immigrants in that bring in drugs, rapists, murderers and gangs. Americans and their families fear for their safety! That also helps to destroy and tear apart our country.

The Dems then divide the country with racism, sexism, and hate speech in general.
The Democrats are far from religious, and the Devil might be a good word for their Party and what they stand for?

Not standing for the flag.

What do you think? What other ways have the Democrats destroyed God, Family, and Country? I know that there are plenty more out there.

I guess nobody cares about these things any more? :frowning:

Well, it’s at least one of those things that the Dems aren’t suppose to talk about
probably before the mid-terms. After then they can be themselves again.

You forgot the Democrat agenda of imposing communism, sacrificing Christian babies to Satan, kicking puppies, and outlawing Christmas.

…and drowning kittens, killing baseball, and hating apple pie.

Why are Democrats so evilly evil? I mean, they make Lucifer himself want to register as Republican.

Well, thank you for bringing that up.

Do you think that Michael Vick is a Republican or a Democrat? You know, the
professional football player that bet on dog fights?

Democrats do stand for Abortion. So you’re not to far off.

When Obama and the Democrats were in office what term wasn’t politically correct to use?
Was it Merry Christmas? seems like with the Socialist Democrats, freedom of speech is sorta going out the window.

With a guy like Trump leading the Republicans, I’m fairly sure this thread is a farce.

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So let me get this straight? The Devil is evil. Everyone knows that.

And you’re saying that the Democrats are evil.

Do you get the correlation? The Devil is the afterlife, and is the Master of all evil.
I think you’re analogy was a little off there.

It sucks that you think that a persons beliefs are something to laugh and poke fun of.

Especially ones own morals of God, Family, and Country.
It sucks that you find those things funny, but that again if you were to read my original
post up above, you would find the answer, that I’d be telling you.

It sucks that you spam this forum with multiple topics every day that have no discussion value whatsoever.
If you want to post whatever is on your mind when it pops up there is twitter and facebook for that.

Please stop spamming.

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Now a days being a house wife is a dishonorable thing correct? Or at least to the Democratic party it means that the man doesn’t respect his wife right? So nope, you’re right, no apple pie any more. There use to be cooking classes in high school. I wonder who got rid of that, and why?

Actually I plan on being the old cat man one day, and surprisingly enough I think that most Liberals are more of the type to collect animals.

Steroids in baseball, and cheating in general usually tends to lean more towards Democrats.
In any sport, or cheating on ones spouse, the Democrats made such things cool long before Trump came along and cheated on his wives.

Just because I get under the skin of Democrats on this site, and know how to use their
own strategic plans against them, doesn’t mean I’m spamming.

It simply means that most of you(Democrats) are mad at me for not being able to counteract,
and overcome my strategic plans.

And anyone who supports Trump threw at least 2 of those values completely away

Was Trump respecting his wives while he cheated on all 3 of them?

So let me get this straight? Anyone, anyone at all, that voted for President Trump
threw away at least two of their beliefs in God, Family, or Country?

How do you figure?

I can excuse those that voted for him out of opposition to Hillary. But anyone that continues to support and defend him in light of everything he’s said and done? Yes, there is no question they are hypocrites who cast aside their morals for political convenience.

What’s worse?

Making fun of someone’s beliefs, or actually believing another human being is pure evil because they don’t believe what you believe?

The Democrats dodn’t destroy Christianity or the motto of “God Family Country”.

They still exist for those that want them to exist, and in this country, you’re still free to believe in them.

That your beliefs have lost social influence in no ways implies that you’re being persecuted or warred against.

Some of you need to move to country where Christians actually are persecuted.

Maybe then you’d get some ■■■■■■■ perspective.

No, we’re just wondering why Trumpists are pretending to care after flushing their supposed core values down the drain and supporting a man who represents all of our country’s worst qualities.

But sure, just toss on a flag lapel pin, perform the jingoistic dance, and recite the verses while you totally ignore everything they are supposed to represent. It’s what the right does best.

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