God Bless Trump! Gas Prices Fall in past 2 Weeks

We are not energy independent if still import energy. That is the point of independence.

We are a net exporter of energy. We don’t need Saudi oil. Thanks to fracking. Why do you want to see out ports packed with Saudi tankers again?

Stocks go up and down all day long, all week long, all year long. Snapshots in time are not news nor are they of the slightest interest.
What is of interest to me is that you are wasting my time with inane nonsense, and I won’t have my time wasted by you anymore. Do not expect further responses from me.

That is correct. You would think that the big “science” crowd would be happy with science that makes us independent. But science only concerns them when it has to do with their fake Faux Climnatechange

As do petrol prices.

You say we don’t need Saudi oil, yet we are still importing it from there. I feel our difference is a lack of mutual agreement on the word independent. Independent would imply to me that we create all of our energy and export excess. Thus, our supply of energy is not dependent on importing it from elsewhere like we are still doing by importing oil, 20% comes from the Middle East.

I would not claim to be financially independent if I got a job and starting paying my own electric bill if my parents still send me gas money.

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Oil is sold on the open market. Nobody buys it from any"where".

Also, I said we are an ENERGY exporter now. I am not sure that we are an exporter of simply more OIL than we import. But when oil is folded in with all other energy, natural gas and all that, we export more than we import. That is an important milestone, and its all thanks to Trump.

Democrats have PROMISED to destroy all those jobs if they get the white house. Don’t even try denying it either, they are on record.

You said we are energy independent, yet we still have had periods of time where we needed to import energy to match consumption. Exporting more than we import doesn’t mean we are not dependent on imported energy.

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Trump invented fracking???

Good question. I’m surprised you didn’t know the answer. Trump did not invent fracking. Nobody knows who invented fracking. But Trump promoted it and got the government the hell out of the way. Aren’t you glad he did?

Fracking was happening before Trump became President.

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What should it be with standard inflation over 4 years?

He caused a big winter storm front

Too low. They need to be about $2.50


Closes dates from the chart:

Jan 18, 2016 2.02 (Obamma)
Jan 16, 2017 2.46 (Obamma significant increase, last number of Obamma presidency)
Jan 15, 2018 2.67 (first year of Trump)
Jan 14, 2019 2.33 (2nd year)
Jan 13, 2020 2.65 (3rd year)

So what was the cause of Obamma’s significan rise in gasoline his last year in office?

Kinda like oil prices, right?

OPEC cut production in November 2016.

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Presidents dont have a whole as much to do with with fracking as your are saying. Biggest hindrance for fracking? Low oil prices.

America isnt energy independent, your import your oil from mexico and Canada

Just to keep mexico and canada off of food stamps.

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Why not. Gore invented the internet.

They started moving around Moochelle by the pound.