God awful ad location

This is ridiculous now. Every time I try to navigate to a new thread or forum, I get these stupid ads that cover content, specifically the main navigation menus at the top of the screen. With tiny little arrows and Xs to get rid of them, so I always end up tapping them and having to close them just to get back to where I was trying to go. Whoever implemented this should be shot.

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You think this wasn’t purposely done?

Install an ad block.

It is what I have done.

Which one do you use?

I was tolerating them because they supported the site… but this new one is over the top. Goodbye all ads now.

On this iPad I have a corporately installed one.

On my old broken one I think Ad Blocker Pro or something similar.

I hit the little x bottom left of ad, told google I wasn’t interested, and it hasn’t come back.

I tried that. Mine didn’t go away. I got an ad blocker now so it’s all good.

The little arrow at the bottom will collapse it.

It does, but I every time I navigated to a new thread, it came back. Got an ad blocker.

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