God and the Devil


You must choose your destiny


What kind of God give us the exact same evidence (or lack thereof) as any other mythical being, then sends to hell if you pick wrong?


Very underrated movie


Which denomination teaches that God sends a person to hell for choosing wrong?


The Bible does not address what happens to babies, so all we can do is speculate. Yours makes a lot of sense up to the point where choice might make a difference.


Didn’t God make it clear that it is He, and no one human, who judges the living and the dead? We don’t know our own judgement, let alone anyone else’s, until the next life.


Mathew 25:46.


Matthew’s passage addresses the righteous and unrighteous–not their choice of faith. Jesus is saying that s/he who takes care of the needs of others will have a different fate than those who ignored those who are thirsty, hungry, sick, naked, or in prison.


Really? Unclear. Again…it’s almost as if it’s a made up story.


What, specifically, do you find unclear about Matthew 25?


The fact we can’t agree on it’s meaning it’s pretty clear to me non believers are punished pretty hard.


What do you say it means?


Religious differences abound.


I told you.


So your proof that God sends people to hell for choosing the wrong deity is a verse that has nothing to do with people being sent to hell for choosing the wrong deity?


Do you think the ‘righteous’ included non believers in this passage?


Of course.


Sure, because I always hear preachers talking about being righteous and NOT believing in baby Jesus.


Last Sunday in the Catholic literature we read passages from both the Old and New Testaments about how God’s power went to people outside the group. Our priest specifically mentioned atheists as one group from whom we can see the power of God emanating. This is also brought up when we read the passage that the Kingdom of God is searching for fine pearls.

Growing up in an environment that insists God not only rejects outsiders, but that many can never be good enough for Him anyway, explains a retaliation of rejecting God and concluding He is the one not good enough for people.

The compassion, love, and caring we feel for others–even those we cannot know–is only a shadow of the compassion, love, and caring God has for us. Trust me, fighting against a lesser image of God is mere shadowboxing with oneself. There is a being who loves you–and all of us–to an extent that is almost beyond imagining. It’s the kind of love for which we all yearn, of which we all know deep down, we are all worthy of. That is the true image of God.


Right. That’s why he supposedly intervened and performed miracles 2000 years ago to save us, but was nowhere to be found during the holocaust and black plague.