Go West Young Man!

My my how we have changed.
Can you imagine Abraham Lincoln, a major progressive in his day, saying Go West but be safe?
For those immigrants that braved oceans to come to the land of opportunity, as many perished on their journey, did we offer safety? Or was it opportunity?

If our government today wants to preach safety how far have we strayed form the culture of our forebears?

I cannot speak for everyone here, but for my grandparents, definitely the offer of safety was fairly high on their reasons for coming to the US.

That was also true of the Pilgrims among others.

you are just wrong


Ah, yes, the good old days when men were men and died wheezing without complaint.

“The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States.”


Why are modern Americans so obsessed with staying alive?

How so?

All these gubmint officials and so-called public health officials demanding Americans emasculate themselves all for the sake of avoiding a little cough and fever. Real Americans want to bootstrap up, lose the masks, and get back to making Donald’s dream a reality.

We need to openly defy the CDC’s (Center for the Development of Communism?) recommendations as an act of patriotic civil disobedience.


To live in the world is to accept a certain amount of risk. There’s an old saying about how you have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelette. In order to get the economy going again we’re going to accept that people are going to die. If we force people to keep sheltering in place without providing them some sort of UBI/rent/debt freezes then they’re going to starve or commit suicides in record numbers. We have to sacrifice a few for the good of the many.

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They were not exactly beloved among the mainstream religious folks of Merrie Olde England.

one can only wonder why you would equate 1918 with the homestead act, must be a progressive.

have you ever looked up the mortality rates of early settlers?

Why, given the advances in medicine, hygiene, diet and fitness that we have achieved since the days of early settlers, should we aim to achieve the life expectancy of the early settlers?

because you would realize the risk they took to get here. but instead you advertise ignorance.

I discussed the decision to come here and the process with my grandparents… that’s not ignorance, its first hand knowledge. How many immigrants have you talked this over with?

They came from Holland, not England. Religious persecution was not the reason they left Holland. Lax morals was one of the reasons. Economics was another.

The tale we’ve all grown up with is no different than Santa Claus.

I say walk west, and keep walking until your hat floats. Only then will you truly achieve Darwinism.

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What in the world does this even mean.

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Early settlers risked disease, injury, and Indian raids to seek a piece of freedom and the good life for themselves. They didn’t ask for government handouts, they asked to be LET ALONE to win or lose as fate dictated (influenced by their own hard work and derring-do, of course). These days we have so-called men who ran away from work the moment they learned the Families First Coronavirus Response Act granted them two weeks of “free” gubmint cheese.

The pioneering spirit of early America is dead.

Yeah too bad the Transcontinental Railroad was entirely underwritten by the government and settlers were given that land for free by the government.

It means we have become so risk adverse as a people we couldn’t settle a playground unless somebody else does the fighting for us.

How many people you know could move into Comanche country and live in a stick hut with no agents of the state to protect them? Not a one.


Ah, shake fist kids these days stuff. Great.