Go fund me for the wall?





Wow. So Kolfage made over a mil for himself with this one? That is one sweet gig. If I had no soul or concept of morality I would consider jumping on board that grift wagon.


It’s over $20 million now…


And people are still giving, despite the story about him being a ripoff.


People are stupid. There’s no way around that.



You have to register as a Republican first. Horrible, horrible human beings.


And when they were so close to getting the $1.3 Billion that was his goal.

/sarcasm off


Trump should get the money for the wall from the same place that Obama got the $150+ billion dollars that he gave Iran with no congressional approval. Problem solved!


Where do you think that money came from?


Here we go…


Who’s money do you think it belonged to?


Nobody knows, it was marked as black money that Congress had no oversight on.


It came from the War on Christmas!


The guy is a thief.


And people fell for it.

But then again they likely voted for trump too.



Hahahaha. It is like a whose-who of right-wing villainy. An assembling of the worst people in modern politicking.

Now Kolfage, a prolific operator of conspiracy theory Facebook pages, has recruited a team of prominent figures in President Donald Trump’s orbit to run a new 501©(4) nonprofit, named We Fund The Wall, to do some wall construction of its own. The new group’s board, Kolfage announced on Friday, includes Erik Prince, the founder of infamous military contract Blackwater; David Clarke, the former scandal-plagued sheriff of Milwaukee County; Fox News contributor Sara Carter; Tom Tancredo, an immigration hardliner and former Colorado congressman; and former Kansas Secretary of State and voter fraud crusader Kris Kobach.


Lots of people know. I know. Why don’t you know? Who told you that it was “black money that Congress had no oversight on”? I would stop listening or reading whomever it was that told you that because they are not reliable.


Please enlighten me then.


It’s already been explained to you in this thread. Have you read it?


GoFundMe aint playing…