Go fund me for the wall?


Go back and read what I said. I never claimed I would cough up a penny until it was verified.


That’s only because we conservatives are very bad people. Bad as bad can be. :japanese_goblin:


Thank you for being there to look out for the welfare of conservatives. We depend on liberals like you to offer us advice!


You should give in honor of all your relatives and friends. Would make a great Xmas present - especially the hard to buy for ones.

I think if you donate like $5k you can even get their names on a slat. How cool would that be?!?!


That would be fantastic. Can I buy one and put your name on it?





It’s up to about 13 million now. I wonder how much can be built with 13 mil? Or how the money gets transferred to do this?


well what do you know

Representatives at the military hospitals told Buzzfeed News that they did not have a record of Kolfage donating the money or working at their facilities.

GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne confirmed to Buzzfeed News that Kolfage in 2015 launched a GoFundMe that raised $16,246 under the premise that the money would go to a veteran mentorship program. Whitorne said the money went directly to Kolfage.


Surprised it took this long to come out.


fact finders have their hands full trying to keep up with all of the ■■■■■■■■ that comes out of Trump and his press secretary every day


If you didn’t see this coming, you might be a Trump supporter.


This is bad.


So. It’s another Republican grifter.

What is wrong with these people and those who lay back and enjoy getting shafted by their own?



Who could possibly have seen it coming.



It was cool though when Obama and campaign engaged in fundraising by soliciting the public to give money to the cause in lieu of birthday, wedding gifts.

“Obama Event Registry,” they reasoned,
“it’s a gift that we can all appreciate–and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.”

Not so vegan friendly.


Use the names Thing 1, Thing 2 and so on.


so he’s another crook taking money from the gullible.

yeah, that was so hard to figure out.


I had a feeling.


Yes. This is just like that.


Grifters gonna and fools and their money will easily be parted.