Go fund me for the wall?


This is excellent! A purple heart recipient has started a go fund me page to pay for the wall. I believe that it has raised over a million dollars so far. I love creative ideas such as this for those many times when government has let us down. I have, in the past encouraged private sector liberals to stop waiting for government to act on global warming and be proactive with their money. Maybe this is my chance to do the same. If this turns out to actually go to funding and building the wall, I may cough up 20 bucks myself. :clap:t6: :ok_hand:t6::+1:t6:



Wasn’t there already a thread for this?


You’re asking the wrong man. Because if I had seen one I would not have started this one. Is there another? And if there is, is it as excellent as mine?


It was rhetorical in a way. Yes we have, why it was removed, you’d have to ask the mods, but I assure it you there was such a topic.


Okay. I believe you. Maybe my version is more acceptable? Let’s hope so!


Dude is going to pocket the money and build a fence.


So you’re not going to put your money where your mouth is.

“Maybe someday…” Lol.


Dude, you are never gonna cough up that $20 because you know it’s a scam.


If there are those like you who have the same mindset and mentality who wish to fund a worthless wall and can put up the billions of dollars to do so, go for it.

As of right now you are only many billions minus 10 thousand short. Keep going.


After a very quick search of the forum. …


So recatagorized to to a place no one reads or gets notifications for. Makes sense now.


Yes. Donate to me now.


What a joke, this has fraud written all over it.


1 million in 2 days. They have 4.99 billion to go. Only 10,000 more days to go… or about 35 years.

Anyone who donated money to that needs their heads checked.


“It’s morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.”

–W. C. Fields


So, it has to be a scam right? Some enterprising little grifter preying on Trump voters disappointed at the lack of a wall.

I suppose every scam-artist in the country looks at Trump voters and sees an easy mark at this point.


unless he donate the money to the government, this is very much a scam.


Think about all the conspiracy theories they sell. We have posters here that help spread them.



Dang, why didn’t I think about this? I would have even built a wall with the money- several new walls in fact. They would have been nice walls that came together to form my new house


Lots of Q merch is being sold, so someone is making bank.

A natural progression from all those snake oil pills, end of days food buckets, seed supplies and all the other crap being hocked by right-wing entertainers.