Go back to where I was?

If I start reading a thread that is 200 posts long, and I reply to the 20th post, it dumps me at the bottom to my post. Is there a way to quickly go back to the post that I responded to? Often with long thread I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where I was.

Click on the little thing, upper right hand corner of your post. It will take you back to the post you responded to.

In my experience, I would append this instruction by saying it “usually” goes back to that post.

I have had occasional hiccups where it doesn’t actually go back to the post to which I’m responding, but instead “somewhere in the vicinity”.

Not sure why that happens.

Thank you!

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Puter stuff. Bugs happen, or the respondee post has been deleted.

Yeah I know when the post has been deleted that will happen.

Other times I’m sure it’s just bugs.

The software is probably just taking you back to a conservative’s post to lead you in the right direction. I’ve noticed we’ve been agreeing a lot lately. It must be working. Not a bug, a feature.




Just on the war. You are still all Neanderthal-brained on everything else.


I just tried it…It doesnt work for me. It just shows the post above mine that I was responding to.

Notice that I responded to your first post, but it left me at the bottom, but displayed your first post.

If I respond to the first post, easy to get back where I was, but if the post is somewhere in the middle of 800 posts, it is hard for me to get back.

I’m not sure, it worked for me in this instance, and all other instances as well. If on PC, clear cache and try again.

I’ll beat it with my club, you nitpick it to death. We’ll see who comes out on top.



This is what you want to click on:


But if you click on the curved arrow (at least if I click on the curved arrow) it opens up the reply threading above the post I’m on. (Just like you described.) However, when that happens, the posts that get displayed above yours have this arrow, and you can click that, and you will go to that post:

PS: The first arrow I circled only appears if you have quoted something from the post you want to return to. If you don’t have a quoted portion, then you only get the curved arrow, and then you need to use the second method I described. (And I hope I described it adequately.)