GMAIL G-MAN: Comey Defends GMAIL Account, SLAMS HILLARY’S Email Server | Sean Hannity

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey swiped at Hillary Clinton this week, saying the twice-failed presidential candidate “still doesn’t understand” what her investigation was all about.

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Then why Mr. Comey, if you were so concerned about her misuse of the server did you do nothing about it? Why did you act like she was above the law and do NOTHING about it?


This woman is a complete idiot. Can you imagine if she were president??


Obama Email Alias to Clinton Is Why FBI Didn’t Prosecute Hillary | National Review

Story and dateline are nearly 2 years old, but did anyone other than the source above cover this back then? Why is this information (story) not current now and who are the prosecutors who let Hillary off the hook?
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Why was nothing done way back when? I can answer that with three words; CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION!

Yes. We Americans alive at the time, remember Watergate and the proven corruption that Nixon allowed among his WH circa 1970s. He resigned and was pardoned by Ford. At least, then the corruption was rooted out. Nothing in our justice system should prevent action against a former President and Secretary of State in order to identify and root out corruption in 2018 and the current era. Nothing except the nerve and honesty of the current administration, Congress, and the DOJ?

Hillary Clinton is not stupid, she is a liar. When she was SOS, she wanted us to believe she knew nothing about electronics, nothing about computers. We know differently now. She owned quite a few devices and knew how to use them. Comey says she didn’t realize what she was doing. Hillary is a seasoned attorney, she knew she was destroying subphoenaed records. That, folks is a felony, not to mention using a private email to transmit secret information. lying to Congress, lying to the FBI, all felonies and still she walks free. Dems say she did not benefit from Comey’s actions because she wasn’t elected, but she isn’t in jail. To me that is a big benefit for her, is it not?