Globalist leftists and progressives

…are becoming more and more unhinged everywhere, including here, as their house of joker cards collapses before their very eyes.

US demographic shifts are moving contrary to globalist progressivism and they know it. It’s why they are importing a big government dependent electorate and want to get rid of the electoral college.

You can jump a little past the ads in this clip for a better watching experience.

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Maybe your side should try winning a popular vote, You scared that your numbers a fading?

BTW…it’s ■■■■■■■ hilarious that your OP article has a sales pitch built into the snippet. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This late it is really something to see the Virginia race polls all over the place. I think that it is going to be the same old story. High voter turnout = good for the Democrat. And vice versa.

Triggered ? I have no control over how the link looks. Packaging over content?

The role of president over 50 states is not best filled by a purely popular vote. That’s why you have an electoral college.

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'Rats are jumping ship and they know it. lol


democrats are gonna have to rig this one up good.

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They’ve already hired a sleazy Clintonista election lawyer in preparation for a contested election. This turd is a piece of work and his known associates including him are all either under investigation or indictment.


oh of course yes Elias related firm


terry also whined that bush was not actually pres and that Hillary won etc

these scumbags sure know the game.

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Don’t count them out. Democrats are masters at cheating.

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oh i know that’s what i mean. i can just imagine the perfect unfolded ballots rolling off the presses now

dont forget dems - delete those files asap!!

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Both you guys have hit the nail squarely upon the head! :+1:

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i always do : )