Globalism versus nationalism 2020

I have always supported free trade.
Globalists support free trade.
I have always supported a hawkish foreign policy.
Globalists support foreign interventions.
I have always supported the United Nations.
Globalists support the United Nations.
I have always been proud of immigration.
Globalists support open borders.
I have always supported the American system.
Globalists do not support the American system.
I have always been biased towards liberty.
I may be a victim of disinformation.
Globalists are not for liberty.
I thought America did good in the world.
Freedom and democracy, rah rah.
Since 1953 America first surrendered to Globalism.
In spite of all that is wrong in America.
Which system serves as the model of improvement.
If you say the Nordic states then do we withdraw from the world as Trump is implementing?
If you say China, we must ask why.
IF you say the EU, then why.
Oddly enough more people emigrate to this country than immigrate from this country.
This seems to imply that America is a better place than where they are leaving.
Maybe it is something else, but what explains this.
So if the globalists want to change America to something better.
Since they control the rest of the world.
how can they make America better if the population flows say America is the best.
I am an American.
Therefore I cannot be a globalists.
If I believe in freedom
I cannot support a false equality.
I believe each person should be granted opportunity.
I believe their effort should determine their success or failure.
America is still the land of opportunity where a commoner can become a gentle person
you cannot improve upon that.
Globalists want to take that away.
progressives pursue regressive policies to the human condition.
with a promise of being equally worsened as a culture.
I am a never Trumper.
I despise almost his every position.
Yet I love liberty.
I will never vote for Trump.
I will vote for liberty
I will vote for America
I will vote against China and those that want to surrender to Chinese hegemony.
I will never vote for Trump.
I will vote against those that serve foreign masters in New York and Beijing.
What I hate most about Trump is that he was right and I was wrong.
Nobody that believes in America can vote against MAGA.
That does not mean you will vote for Trump.
It just means if you do not then you are voting for China.
Politics for Dummies.

Always nevertrump, bootz?

It has become very clear recently that we need to fear the CIA more than any foreign adversary.

Globalists have taken advantage of America and the people thanks to the help of prior Presidents and treasonous politicians, Trump is ending that.

You bet all your ideological chips on the performance of possibly the most incompetent man to ever be president and lost. Sorry Charlie.


“Globalism”, the new Trumplover conspiracy.

“Foreign masters in New York?”

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You should always fear your own government more then any other.

globalism and nationalism are not the issue in my opinion. they are connected to the underlying issue. they are adjuncts to the real question,

liberty or collectivism.

those who believe in liberty believe each person acting in their own best interest will make decisions that enhance their pursuit of happiness. and the aggregate of those decisions will be that the entire country prospers. one of the results of this philosophy a love of country because of what one can achieve here that can be done no where else on earth and a pride in the nation and what it stands for and how it prospers. It is built on self determination, self reliance and personal responsibility, ceding only those powers necessary to the whole to ensure its defense.

those with a more collectivist approach believe liberty can be maintained in a collective. it cannot. the very nature of the collective is submission to the popular will. sacrifice in the name of the greater good. equalization of outcomes. everyone working toward common goals and setting their own pursuits aside, making them secondary to the good of the whole. The problem is, if everyone is responsible for everyone else, who is responsible for anybody? it is built on a philosophy of submission to the popular will, reliance on the body politic, and responsibility to the collective. globalism is an adjunct, the bigger the collective, the more “pitching in”.

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I didnt vote for Obama.

This is why I am voting for someone I will never vote for

Nah this predates Trump and even Brexit it has been brewing for awhile now in the West. Elections are becoming less about democrat and republican and more about trade. They are great benefits to globalism but they are also many people who get left behind. In my career it helped me, but I have family members that lost their careers because of outsourcing and insourcing.

I would never vote for. tense is important

If you vote for Trump then you’re voting for Trump no matter how you try to justify it. I could of used the same logic in 2016 but didn’t because no matter how much more aligned to my ideeology a Democratic cabinet would of been I’d still have been voting for someone who goes against my principles.

A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump

You would be surprised by the number of republicans who will vote for a republican regardless because of taxes alone. I am not a huge Trump fan as some are but if Biden wins my tax rate will 100% increase, and I will have to pay thousands extra a year. As opposed to if Trump wins I have to put up with his bad character and 3:00AM twitter tirades.

That is fine. I have no problem with someone voting for a politician because of a particular issue. It’s the claim that a voting for a candidate is not the same as supporting a candidate. Especially when there is a long documented history (or a 95% party approval rating) of that person supporting and/or defending that politician.

A vote for Trump is a vote for 4 more years of Trump

Our top concern must be the United States. Not foreign nationals. We cannot micro manage the world. We can help countries succeed. We can help prevent genocide. We can give aid during a disaster. But we should always be priority #1.

A vote for Trump is a vote against China. A vote for Biden is a vote for Chinese Hegemony. 1995 to 2017 and a 5.5 trillion dollar trade deficit.

a vote against Trump is a vote for the CIA running our democracy.

I will vote for Trump. You vote for communism.


Hoo boy.

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