Global warming pfft pt 3

This one, doesn’t really have any solution that I know of. It is just a thing, that worries me more than global warming.

Geomagnetic excursion. Search and enjoy.

Why are you afraid of geomagnetic excursion. What catastrophic consequences have been observed so far from this phenomenon?

See Laschamp event. Megafauna extinction, neanderthal extinction.

You, or someone you know and trust, were there and measured geomagnetic reversal at the time?

No, scientists measure things like boron 14. I haven’t claimed any contemporary connection, to 42 thousand years ago.

This seems a rather tenuous reason to worry today about geomagnetic excursion.

Happens rather often, Laschamps wasn’t the only event. Like I said, nothing to be done about it in the immediate future. I just find it more threatening to our survival than global warming. Global warming is a picnic compared to parts one through three of this series.

" However, the lack of corroborating evidence of a causal link between the Laschamps event and population bottlenecks of many megafauna species and the relatively moderate radio-isotopic changes during the event have cast significant doubt on the real impact of the Laschamps event on global environmental changes [12]"

If it happens rather often, why expect catastrophic results?

Doesn’t work like that, it’s not always global, it can fry say Australia and miss Europe. One theory says humans only survived laschamps because they discovered sunblock, a mineral rich mud. May be the reason for all the cave dwelling. Wicked radiation in sunlight. It’s a big mean ball of radiation.

Well, worry away, if it makes you feel better. I doesn’t seem significant to me.

Rank it against climate change

Both the same. Zero.

Then we aren’t far off, I’m like 1% vs .03%. As in, not losing sleep over it. When I say bigger worry, I am not saying, big worry.

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OK. I seem to have misunderstood your terminology.

If you want to worry, watch a sim of what a micro black hole passing through earth or the sun at relativistic speeds would be. Hint, ouch.

Yeah, it’s relative. I understand the misunderstanding.