Global warming is real


Yep, I was thinking of that when Sam typed his reply above with the multiple impact theory.

There’s also a multiple impact theory explaining the formation of our own moon that is pretty interesting.


Well, you got one thing right, you are boing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I wanted to ask the idiots here what they thought the moon was made of and how it was formed.

I also thought to ask in thier astronomic billion year averaging if they took into account that every once and a while a sun blinks out, goes nova, or celestial mass A and B collide, change course, and hilarity ensues.

We are way far afield from the true causes and effects here. The Arctic cap is still there, polar bears are doing well, Antarctica is rocking making ice faster than a Motel 6 ice machine on a Saturday night… And I just came back from the beach, it’s still there.

Tesla is failing, Trucks are selling like funnel cakes at the county fair, and American Engineers are innovating our way to a petro export Boom!

Unfortunately NYNY is not under water and frozen solid. I guess we can’t win’em all.


Math folks math! I want to see the math on how Reflective Green House gas works! I need to see it. Please post it! Its simple it will fit in the box I am sure.


Do we leave the cat in box?



$1 is 50% less than $2…


So what both of you are saying is that $1 dollar is what global warming is really worth.


You’ll enjoy this.


The Dims are just mad that decreasing a $2 tax to $1 is a 50% decrease, but raising a $1 tax to $2 is a 100% increase.

This defies thier Democrat Social Justice Warrior creed.



That’s actually overpriced for AGW.


The factor you are refusing to acknowledge is billions of years. Even if only one object per million years tugs Earth off its orbit, that adds up to thousands of tugs and thousands of course changes.

And what makes you think that the solar system is stable? Is that because you haven’t seen any significant changes during your lifetime? The solar system is quite unstable. Things are zooming around crashing into other things all the time (astronomically speaking) and for each collision, there are undoubtedly many many more near misses. And each near miss changes the course of both objects. And that’s not made up; that is established science.


Spot on. We do move around a bit.


Nonsense. Several planetoid sized objects … at least one larger than Pluto … were recently discovered in the outer regions of the solar system. And there is serious speculation that some of them are on elliptical orbits that may carry them inside the orbits of the inner planets.

And then there is this:

“Discovery of Planetoid Hints at Bigger Cousin in Shadows”

There is a great deal yet to be discovered about our solar system.


Did you see this: (this is my first attempt to link anything on the new site, I hope I get it right)

Crazy claims from the “climatologists” that spend too much time with thier cosmetologists


That’s a very good read. I needed a good laugh.



A Char.


Actually that was one object that was broken into many by Jupiter’ gravity.


Orchestrated ignorance can be a powerful weapon.


Thus, I think that the point stands.


Nonsense? So now you are thinking the probability is fairly high?

Even if you get to one of these planetoids existing, you still would need to get it to have a highly elliptical orbit. Then you need to have that orbit just happen to have proximity to earth.

Possible? Yes. Probable? No.