Global warming is real

As I said, low amount or lack of sea ice in the Yukon delta area that time of year is not uncommon. The issue was the strong storm and associated surge. The author of the article misrepresented that to present the narrative they wished to present.

Extinction is forever.

Yes…But if we are all dead, we wont care about it.

Extinctions have been going on for millions of years.

More low dimensional thinking. What’s even the upshot of artic shipping lanes if there’s not a meaningful civilization to utilize in the ways Pompeo envisions?

Shipping across the pole will save billions of barrels of bunker C fuel oil, thereby cutting carbon emissions.

The carbon emission cutting that mattered would be the ones before the poles melted.

Or perhaps before an additional 6 billion people joined the billion that inhabited the planet 150 years ago.

Age of Arctic sea ice over time.

Arctic still look terrible.

Alaska in March is supposed to be cold. Along the north and west coasts, the ocean should be frozen farther than the eye can see. In the state’s interior, rivers should be locked in ice so thick that they double as roads for snowmobiles and trucks. And where I live, near Anchorage in south-central Alaska, the snowpack should be deep enough to support skiing for weeks to come. But this year, a record-breaking heatwave upended norms and had us basking in comfortable—but often unsettling—warmth.

Across Alaska, March temperatures averaged 11 degrees Celsius above normal. The deviation was most extreme in the Arctic where, on March 30, thermometers rose almost 22 degrees Celsius above normal—to 3 degrees. That still sounds cold, but it was comparatively hot.

Today’s planned presser to celebrate the repeal of the carbon tax in Alberta was cancelled because of the raging forest fires and smoking blanketing Edmonton, choking citizens.

I can tell you first hand … most Alaskan’s love it.

Just reducing the rate that fossil fuels are burned is not the key variable, as I understand it, in slowing the anthropogenic warming. Because it takes millennia to scrub carbon dioxide from the atmosphere it is the total hydrocarbons burned, not the rate, that counts. According to William Ruddiman’s book on Earth’s climate, there will be a pulse of carbon dioxide thrown into the atmosphere. The curve will be steep at the beginning, but have a fat tail. The human use of hydrocarbons will be a short blip on a geologic time scale. That blip may or may not delay the onset of the next glaciation.

Alaska loves global warming? OK. I love an icy Alaska. I despise hot, humid weather, which is why I live in New Orleans. I’d welcome an Ice Age.

It may not be the key variable, but it is the reality we face. No matter how much the extremist scream, fossil fuels will be used in abundance for many decades, perhaps centuries, to come. If indeed, that it s the primary cause of global warming, then the wisest thing we can do is to prepare for it and adapt.

Also, if the “greenhouse” theory is correct, it very well could be our salvation from the next inevitable ice age. If there ever was a global natural disaster that we can do nothing about facing mankind, that one is right up there with mega meteor strikes.

A global warming Alaska is still a cool paradise compared to an ice-age New Orleans. :wink:

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I’m heat intolerant. If an iceberg can melt in my classroom, it’s too hot. I will gladly move to Antarctica. I will learn Penguin!

Mostly agree, Samm. Except I don’t think fossil fuels will be around for centuries. Either way, I’m not the kind of alarmist that believes that the earth will fry. Eventually, another ice age appears inevitable. What happens between is anybody’s guess.

No one need to be alarmist about the earth frying or somehow not existing. One needs to be alarmist about a world that no longer permits an advanced civilization and the ecological supports required.


Will India be the first domino to fall? India has recorded its highest temperature ever as hundreds of millions suffer in unrelenting heat.