Global warming is real


Everyone can calm down now scientists in British Columbia have come up with a solution to remove carbon from the air that’s cost effective. No need for government intervention - everyone should be happy :balloon:

Carbon Engineering says that its direct air capture (DAC) process is now able to capture the gas for under [$100 a tonne]

With its new funding, the company plans to build its first commercial facilities. These industrial-scale DAC plants could capture up to one million tonnes of CO2 from the air each year.


That all depends on the theory. For example very early on there were many theories about the planets of our solar system that have been tested with the use of later technology. In many ways various aspects of atomic theory are now considered facts. Although I assume that your point would then be that as experiments validate something that the falls out of the theoretical and is accepted as fact.


So the globe never gets warmer?


Well, yes and no. A theory can still never be proven. A theory simply provides a valid explanation for the phenomena observed. But theories are composed of facts gained from observation.

So, you begin by developing a hypothesis that is tested with observations to support the hypothesis. You then continue the experiment, further testing the hypothesis until you accumulate enough evidence to develop a theory. Through this method, facts related to the phenomena are used in support of the theory. Facts don’t ever change. But theories are simply an explanation of the facts. Additional experimentation may discover more facts related to support the theory, meaning the theory evolves, but is never “proven”.

But I fully acknowledge that outside of scientific circles, the term theory has a very different meaning and people commonly think theories are “proof”.


Well said. This is a good explanation.


Do you not understand the word “cycles”?


Do you not understand that global warming is fact?


Answer my question and I will answer yours.


What about cycles?


Don’t play stupid. You know exactly what the question was.


You deniers believe that because climate change goes in cycles that that somehow means that man is incapable of altering it.


When confronted with a cheap and effective way to remove carbon from the atmosphere this is the response from a green activist, same article.


“We have a moral responsibility to reduce our consumption on a large scale. We need to reflect deeply on how we live our lives and whether everyone can have access to the things we have, and fairness, so we can all live a good life.”



You would acknowledge that that most of everyday science is not in the realm of theory? Traditional theories like Evolution, Big Bang, Relativity, Continental Drift, etc., by and large will never be proven since they deal with questions that no scientist was there to observe. But science pertaining to polymers for example are not in that aspect of science. For example a polymer chemist can claim that theoretically PVC can last 100 years or more. Right now that statement is theoretical since PVC is not 100 years old. But once PVC reaches the 100 year mark that currently theoretical statement can be proven true. But I’m sure we can both acknowledge that there is no so-called “Theory of PVC” in the scientific community. Another example in my field of Chemistry is that the Atomic Theory does not include many aspects of chemical bonding and compound formation. So in that regard most of chemistry is not part of atomic theory.


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That’s scary stuff and confirms to a portion of that religion it goes beyond finding a solution. I was reading about this technology on a few sites and it sounds very promising and energy companies are pouring millions into the tech including Chevron, Occidental and BHP. And it’s like “Meh” to the alarmist.


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You’ve missed the point.


Please quote any post where I have said that man is not capable of altering the climate.


There goes the ice just like the scientists have predicted.


I have a little kid and i have to be honest, the idea that we as a family (and him as an adult) may have to deal with climate change induced upheaval scares me a lot.