Global warming is real


The author was writing for an audience not ignorant of the circumstances behind how he could make such a claim. It’s left as an exercise for uninformed readers to educate themselves.


No, he wrote it for a bunch of blind sycophants who wouldn’t dare question his assertions.

Apparently it’s working.

What was the total warming and rate of warming at the same point at the same location during the last 3 inter-glacial periods?


I don’t appreciate how you communicate to me. Stop pretending to engage me in conversation.


You get what you give.

Don’t go on the attack and you won’t have to duck and run when it comes back your way.

Now try answering the question.

What was the total warming and rate of warming at the same point at the same location during the last 3 inter-glacial periods?


without any evidence.

The Earth Goes in cycles. That’s what makes logical common sense in general.


What? That makes absolutely no sense.

An MD is a doctorate. So is a PhD. There’s no ranking of which is “higher”. They’re totally different.


Please explain what cycle is the cause for the recent warming.


Tell that to amadeus.


Frankly, I don’t care. I was joking. I kid my family. Dantes is basically right. One crucial difference is that an MD applies existing knowledge and can prescribe medication. A PhD advances knowledge by producing original research that must be deemed valuable by a committee of experts. Of course you can be both. It usually takes longer to receive a PhD than an MD.


Somehow I doubt WildRose was joking.

But I don’t expect we will have a chance to find out.


An MD in most states is a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine.


You do know what the D in MD means, right?


Hoping to get back to the central discussion of this thread. There was some discussion about cycles that might be interesting to explore, but if you’re like me, most of this stuff we’re trying to decipher off of internet summaries. Not sure anybody here is really diving into the expert literature. One thing I’ve found profitable, but totally time consuming is to google some of the experts in the field, examine their CVs, and click on anything that is published but not behind a pay wall. When you do that, you can discover some serious science.

What may be unclear is that I am not a climate alarmist. Kind of for two reasons. First, i don’t trust predictions. They are always wrong. Predictions are tough, especially about the future! Second, no matter how severe the climate crisis might become, what matters is the total carbon dioxide emitted, not a reduction in the rate of emissions. Given the political “climate” and whether or not a build-out in renewable energies can economically replace fossil fuels in a timely way, my conclusion is that all of the fossil fuels that can be burned will be burned. So then the question becomes how much fossil fuel is out there, and when the energy gained from extraction will equal the energy of combustion. At the point, it is game over.


Completely false.


Medical Doctor. It’s a Bachelor’s degree in medicine in most states, not an academic doctorate.


I literally look at medical degrees on nearly a daily basis, it’s absolutely correct.


That’s simply untrue.


Of course. It is not an “academic” doctorate. It is a doctor of medicine. Those are two different things. I cannot graduate from a four year university with an MD.


MD is a title, not an academic degree. The abbreviation is “Medical Doctor”, not Medical Doctorate".