Global warming is real


By the way–just to be political for the moment–I’m as liberal as they get. I was raised in a liberal family. My mother was for a brief time a member of the communist party–before she worked with the heart surgeon, Dr. Michael DeBakey in Texas. She became an orthopedic surgeon in the 1940s, as was my father.

My entire family are physicians, except for me, a lowly anthropologist and now science teacher. But I do have my doctorate, so at least I have a higher degree than the rest of my family . . . or so I say in defense of myself.


And this is the first time in history Nebraska has flooded?


You’re clearly on top of it, WR. Tell us how you really feel.


How about addressing the question?


I didn’t realize that a doctorate in anthropology was a higher degree than a doctorate in medicine. Thanks for clarifying that. I was under the impression one needed a doctorate in anthropology to sweep floors in a museum. :wink:


Indeed. I’m pretty good at sweeping floors, or so says my wife!


Depending on the state most medical degrees are the equivalent of a BS or MS.


Unsure what that means, WR, I have a great respect for my mother, my father, and my two brothers and my sister in medicine. They are, respectively, an orthopedic surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, a psychiatrist, a pediatrician, and an internist. Tell me, what is your point?


Simple accuracy. You stated you have a higher degree than they do, that is accurate if you have a PhD.


As I understand, that is a “higher” degree. But really, I’m just riffing. You sound like one of my eighth graders. And by the way, that’s cool.


You seem to be desperate for some sort of argument here. I suggest you reread my posts.


OK. No problem. Argument cancelled.


He was pointing it out to me, not picking an argument with you. Perhaps if you had read his post in proper context with mine you wouldn’t be riffing.


OK. Sorry. I thought this was all in good fun. I will definitely respond seriously to a serious post. Please.


Sometimes my students don’t know if I’m riffing or being serious. That is the persona that I cultivate. Students will not respect you, no matter how young, if they see you are not on top of your game. Particularly in the environment of my independent, college preparatory school. Second, you have to let students know that you are interested in them as individuals, especially in a private school environment in which I teach.

And I adore my students. Now I am teaching kids who’s parents I taught years ago. Every day I love going to work.


Here is another rewarding facet of my job. There are maybe 20 teachers at my school that were my former students and who now are my colleagues. My personal doctor was in the first class I ever taught. Now I teach his kids. I love my job and hope to continue teaching to my last days.


Says it’s real, says it’s not his problem. It’s your kids And grandkids problems. Sucks to be them.


Because of of course it is.


According to AOC will all be dead anyway in 12 years, why’s it matter. Also global warming will go down because the debt bubble that has been brewing for 20+ years is bound to bust and when it does no one will be able to afford fossil fuels == problem solved.


You quote a vacuous statement by an alarmist with absolutely nothing to support his contention as a source? Really?

How much has the town warmed exactly over the last 400 years? How long have they even had thermometers to record temps in the town?