Global warming is real


The vast majority of time we have spent as a species on this planet has been during bitterly cold ice ages. In the last 250,000 years, global temperature averages have been 15 degrees colder and even 15 degrees hotter than today, and we’re still here.

Natural events leading to abrupt climate changes have killed off the largest mammals in our food chains, and we’re still here.

All those variables, and if you don’t think CO2 is the cause of warming, you’re somehow narrow-minded.

I love it.

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Clearly anonymous guys on webpages and internet boards know more than scientists. This has been shown to be true in global warming, vaccinations, creationism and evolution.


You know that’s straight up not true and even if it were, not even close to being relevant.


So all the emissions that Private Jets put out, don’t contribute to the
Myth of Global Warming at all?

That’s a new one, I’ve never heard, Liberal Logic wise.


I wonder if more Icecaps are melting, or forming in Anarctica right now?

Liberal Logic tells me that Massive amounts are melting at this very moment!

It’s the End Of The World! Everybody Panic!!! :thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::expressionless::roll_eyes::smirk::laughing::rofl::rofl:


They’re talking about possible Record breaking cold weather today.

Doesn’t this contradict Global Warming?



Thanks for asking.


No? Well how does it not contradict it?


It’s called global warming is it not?

Global is the key to why it’s not contradictory.


All I know is that it’s really really really cold!

Are there “Record Temperatures” in other parts of the World where it’s really
really really hot?


Now you’re starting to understand it! Good on ya, mate!


Personally, I always thought that the Earth went in Cycles.
I mean that’s what would make logical sense.

There’s always an excuse weather wise when it comes
to Democrats. Even in years when the Earth is the complete opposite
wise of the Myth of “Global Warming”.


Let’s review. You said the record breaking lows in the US contradicted global warming. Someone pointed out it was global warming. You questioned whether the record cold temps were offset in some way somewhere else. A 10 second google on my part found record highs in Australia occurring right now.

And now you are talking about excuses?

Might I suggest that you leave science to those that have spent their lives dedicated to the study of science? We won’t miss your middle school understanding of the subject.


What’s happening in Australia right now?


Are you trying to discredit the Randal Carlson graph? Randall is a known master builder, architect, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.


Yes… warm periods are party time. Most of the time the earth is in an ice age.

We have slowing sun spot activity too, brrrrrr!


They are having hot weather.


What’s “Science”?

“Book Smarts” automatically make you better than me, and smarter.
What’s Middle School? I only was in Grade School.

Does anyone know if it has record breaking years for being freezing in places like Antarctica, if it’s possible that Polar Ice Caps can reform? And even form more than all of those one that Fake News says is ganna kill everybody with the “Myth” of Global Warming>?

Wits mies grades schools education and stuff, I taught dat I read dat somewhere.
I cans hardly reads, but it sounded pretty darn interesting, and like its made logical sense that its would be possible. theres fore contradicting dat global heat thing dat
Demoncrat Policitians mades up.


The answer would be melting.

A gigantic cavity - two-thirds the area of Manhattan and almost 1,000 feet (300 meters) tall - growing at the bottom of Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica is one of several disturbing discoveries reported in a new NASA-led study of the disintegrating glacier. The findings highlight the need for detailed observations of Antarctic glaciers’ undersides in calculating how fast global sea levels will rise in response to climate change.

Researchers expected to find some gaps between ice and bedrock at Thwaites’ bottom where ocean water could flow in and melt the glacier from below. The size and explosive growth rate of the newfound hole, however, surprised them. It’s big enough to have contained 14 billion tons of ice, and most of that ice melted over the last three years .

About the size of Florida, Thwaites Glacier is currently responsible for approximately 4 percent of global sea level rise. It holds enough ice to raise the world ocean a little over 2 feet (65 centimeters) and backstops neighboring glaciers that would raise sea levels an additional 8 feet (2.4 meters) if all the ice were lost.


Can you spell volcano?