Global warming is real

More sheep, they need more sheep.

And goats. :wink:

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What a one dimensional thing to say. It doesn’t mean that we should embrace getting warmer than what we have now.

Noted and rejected.

Ask yourself this.

If it was cooling instead of warming. Would you be for chopping down forests and pumping the atmosphere full of GHGs to try and fight the cooling?

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Probably not.

Or the complete antithesis of that.

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The article is riddled with falsehoods.

Yes, you can. The scientists that wrote that paper that the deniers lifted the graph from specifically used that data to discuss regional temperatures. I’m amazed that you think it is reasonable to use one ice core to represent the world. I’ll remember your argument.

Dr. Richard Alley, one of the first to use these GISP2 records,

There’s a lot of assumptions being passed around with zero nuance.

The arson bit. Arson happens, true, but how much acreage lost to the arson versus other progenitors? The ‘lack’ of prescribed burns. Who more often than not opposes those? What burn programs are in place and to what extent are the capable of being executed? When they are not fully executed, why? Under what conditions can those burns be safely pursued? How often do they exist? What are those trends over time? What resources are available?

Details matter, but let’s just skip to the environmentalists, arsonists and fire services being behind it all. Simple minds see simple problem with simple solution.

But factual.

Not factual.

Your opinion is noted and rejected.

I find it disturbing that these Climate change people exploit children!

Don’t you?

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I do. I think the whole running around with the hair on fire panicky business is nonsense.

After one failed dire prediction after another for decades they are getting smart enough on some dire predictions now to project all the way to the end of the century. :grin:

AOC hasn’t figured it out yet though since she made the foolish 12 year dire prediction. :rofl:

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I also see it as a way for these Globalists to leach off our economy.

I call it back door Globalization.

That’s a good point.

Capitalism has developed a death cult and all its proponents are in deep denial about the consequences of our actions.

The criticism of that one paper is legitimate. The criticism that one ice core is not consistent with other ice cores and that that consistency cannot be used to extrapolate global temperatures is not legitimate. As I said, ALL estimates of ancient global temperatures are extrapolated from such proxy data from only a handful of locations around the world. I am really puzzled by your insistence that there is no correlation between the data shown for that one ice core and global temperature. Are you not understanding what correlation means?

Well, that ends that argument. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t copy me.