Global warming is real

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I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything more intelligent than that. You’ve apparently surrendered your integrity.

Where’d your post go? I didn’t flag it.

That’s what we’ve been told. We’re just supposed to believe any stat that a government scientist or university professor throws at us? Why on Earth would we do that? They say the debate is over, but I don’t recall the debate actually ever happening. Do you? I only recall political type folks debating. Not scientists. So why don’t we have a real debate? How about this?

We line up three scientists from each side. Six total. We have a moderator. Maybe someone fair such as Martha McCallum ask a series of questions. Then let the experts duke it out. I think this would be a gigantic ratings booster for any network who would do it. A win, win.

Should there be an actual debate?

A debate would be good entertainment but it wouldn’t solve anything.

You have the true believers who will never accept any other possibility and the rest of us who question their conclusions along with a few living in total denial.

If however they could truly make their case they would instead of belittling those of us who keep poking holes in their theories.

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thousands upon thousands of polar bears washed up on shore after drowning in the water made from melted icebergs…



You’re privy to the scientific community?

What do you mean by “solve” anything?

It might educate people against some of the global warming myths. Many people just don’t really know anything about it. They are just led around by their politicians. If promoted right, it could be a huge ratings bonanza for the network as well.

Define the scientific community. :man_shrugging:

Not the point. This is what politicians told us. The debate would be free of pundits and politicians. Would you watch?

if they presented the details and code of the computer programs that produce this “irrefutable” data of global warming, maybe… but they would never expose themselves …

anyone who knows how to program can make a computer say anything…

There is not a 50-50 split in what qualified scientists think with respect to climate change. There is an overwhelming majority of qualified scientists who support climate change as factual.

Martha McCallum? Why not Shepard Smith?

Sadly I doubt it would do much at all.

Kids today are so aggrandized by the public schools they won’t realize until they are in their forties just how badly they’ve been lied to.

What do you mean “Why not Shepard Smith?” Did I say I would rule out Shepard Smith? You expect me to mention EVERYBODY whom I would approve of?

Who told you that an over whelming number of scientists agree with global warming? Greta? Bill Nye? Allyssa Milano? ALgore? I would like to see a real debate. With real scientists. Wouldn’t you?

Not so long ago there were thousands of scientists and national rulers who also believed that all other races were subservient and inferior to white, northern Europeans too.

The majority isn’t always right, often they are just herd animals bleating as they march along playing follow the leader.

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Parents need to tell them that our educational system abhors free thought. The thought gestapo is everywhere.

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The Trouble is, the parents of the current generation were largely schooled in the same “thinking” in the 90’s.


You suggested one name; I suggested another one. By the way how would the moderator be selected?

What do you mean by real scientists? How long would the debate be?

Marahosey’s work has been repudiated. She even made a math error and missed the warming of the last 30 years.

The whole point of publishing papers is for others to review them and find any errors.

Making an error doesn’t mean the source is invalid or lacks credentials.

People who do research and write papers in global warming and climatology. Are you listening to them?