Global Warming and Holiday's

My town had their fireworks tonight. I wonder what the left wing Liberal politicians that believe in Global Warming think about Fireworks?
I wonder if the Democrats just kept getting control of the Presidency, House and Senate, if Holidays like the 4th of July would be able to be celebrated in the future? Or just completely destroyed? How about any other Holidays?

Why would you hometown have fireworks on the 3rd? Where is this mythical place?

Was sitting in my pool watching the neighborhood turn into a war zone. Conservstivesclove love fire works. I live in Indiana. I can buy my own. In Illinois you have to Crown into some park…and watch city approved fire works. Here in Indiana…i can legally blow the shot out of my front yard…and no one can tell me otherwise. Yea conservatives.

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Too bloody hot in my city to be outside in July, and has been since long before anyone had heard of global warming.

What does the 4th have to do with GW?

They’re two trigger phrases stitced together.

Gillette stadium in Foxboro MA had their display last night.

yes, like I’m really going to tell you where I live. lol.
Not everyone has them on the 4th. Bigger cities do for sure.

It is a good thing to know on this 4th of July that Global warming is a hoax from liberal politicians.

Well I suppose with the different time zones it can be the 4th in certain places on earth while it is the 3rd in others.

That is just weird. Why does there always have to be a competition. Maybe next year they will celebrate the 4th on the 2nd, and Christmas will be on the 23rd.

I wonder where all of that money that ever gets donated to global warming go? lol.
The Democrats believe in Global Warming so much that they enjoy flying around in their own private jets. Of course they constantly preach about the Republican 1 percent. How many poor people do you know that can afford their own private jets? There are so many movement out there now a days. How about a movement to make all candy wrappers biodegradable? I wonder how many lbs of garbage each year go into land fill after Halloween? I wonder if most liberals are ok with throwing their children’s candy wrappers in the garbage? How about Christmas? Wrapping paper. I’m guessing that there possibly is a biodegradable paper by now, but why isn’t it pushed more often? Any movements yet? If so, why aren’t the Democrats putting more money towards it. They can drive their gas gusling cars, and own 2-3 extremely nice million dollar houses, but they’re not in the one person! lol. Their carbon footprint is more than what most people could every come close to. But yes, they really care about the environment. lmao. Just because they have money to buy trees and help create a Rain Forest, doesn’t mean that they actually care. lol.