Glitch When Scrolling

I have a project for SixFoot. Or whomever wants to take it up lol.

I have noticed recently when I try to scroll (moreso down than up), even super slowly, some posts will be “skipped” and it will glitch to the next two posts up (or down).

Has anyone else had this issue?

On cellular network or WiFi at home?
Notice more on cellular?
May be the slow network loading the next batch of posts. I’ve had it happen in the meme thread.

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Laptop. Home Wifi.

Have you tried another browser? Clearing cache? I can’t really speak to the use of this forum on a desktop/laptop.

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Take screenshots next time it happens please. I might know what you’re talking about already.

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How do you take a screen shot of a skipped post?

Please make sure this section is included in the screenshot, and let me know if the scroll bar next to the back button is below the horizontal dash instead of above it if you encounter said glitch again.


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No bueno.

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