Glenn Greenwald describes the threat to democracy from surveillance state and media allies

Liberal journalist, Glenn Greenwald, appeared on Tucker Carlson last night to warn of an unholly alliance of Democrats, Bush neo-cons, the mainstream media, and surveillance agencies. Greenwald believes that surveillance agencies have infiltrated complicit media and are running an operation against the American people. The operation uses PSYOP techniques that were intended for foreign adversaries. Their aim appears to be to install a government under the full control of the surveillance state.

Tucker Carlson apologies for the times he has defended the surveillance agencies at the end of the video.

These are chilling allegations from a respected journalist with a history speaking truth to power. The Intercept was founded to be a skeptical outlet for truth to counter disinformation from surveillance agencies related to the Snowden story back in 2013. Now Greenwald says that the Intercept editors are promoting disinformation from the surveillance state in order kill the stories related to the Hunter Biden story. It appears that the editors are either blinded by extreme partisanship or are under the control of the rogue surveillance agencies.

Is this election is really about whether any future elections will matter?

Is the US headed towards a one-party dictatorship under the control of the surveillance state if the Democrats gain control over the government?

I see it as a real threat myself.

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The rogue elements of the surveillance agencies need to be brought under control of the elected government.

Democrat Senator Frank Church warned about the danger from the surveillance state back in 1970s:

The capability of the surveillance technology is orders of magnitude greater now than it was in the 1970s. The threat of an Orwellian dictatorship has also increased.

1984 was not intended to be an instruction manual.


The force behind this surveillance state, is what’s been falling a part since Trump’s election as POTUS. If he gets reelected and the next four years are as reconstructive to the intelligence agencies as the first four, hopefully the swamp will have been mostly drained and these agencies much improved to again work for the country and not a political party.

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If Democrats keep control of at least one house of Congress, they may be able to prevent a house cleaning. They will have the full support of Silicon Valley and the complicit media.

I think that one starting point would be to pardon Edward Snowden. In retrospect he is hero in my opinion. The rogue elements of the surveillance agencies are the real enemies of the American people.

They appear to be using the same techniques applied to overthrow governments overseas to overthrow the elected government of the US in direct violation of US law.

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Since day one, I’ve said that he didn’t prosper from what he did…he suffered. His intentions were honorable IMO and I agree.

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Years ago I was not a supporter of a pardon, but now I am. I see now that Snowden did a tremendous service to the country by warning us about the nature of the surveillance state.

The leadership of the Democratic Party seem to view the alliance with surveillance agencies as their ticket to create one-party authoritarian rule. As Chuck Schumer says, “everything is on the table”.


Where are you on Assange?

I think he as served enough time in house arrest and detention for whatever charges are pending. A pardon is fine with me at this point.

If Trump wins there needs to be a complete house cleaning and the CIA and other agencies and related contractors along with actual prosecutions. The deep state is an existential threat to elected government.

If Biden wins, it is clear he will not be in actual control of the government. He or Harris will just be figureheads for a shadowy figures who are in actual control.


One party dictatorship of the democrats? Stop getting me excited.

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Yes, we can have all the economic advantages of Venezuela or Cuba and perhaps China’s on-demand organ retrieval system for transplants.

Have to point out, as opposed to a two party dictatorship. Which is the status quo.

Nah. It’ll be a mix between the Dem right and the Dem left. That’s good enough for me.

Or it could be getting involved in new wars judging on Biden’s past foreign policy records, place your bets Syria or Armenia.

Yes, Trump has been much more reluctant to use American forces overseas compared to Obama-Biden. I think that is because Trump is much more skeptical of the “experts” from CIA and other intelligence agencies who are anxious to justify more wars.

Biden lead support for the Clinton air war against Serbia in 1999. He supported the Gulf War resolution in 2002. The Obama-Biden administration conducted a large air campaign that resulted in the destruction of the central government of Libya, which resulted in ISIS sanctuaries and huge numbers of displaced African workers in Europe. His policies also allowed a reign of terror and misery in Syria with a large portion of the country controlled by ISIS.

In contrast Trump has defeated ISIS and has brokered three peace deals between Israel and Arab countries. At the same time he as acted decisively when required to protect American forces, and combat deaths are the lowest they have been for decades. His enemies in the deep state are furious.

For reference compare Trump’s strong defense of US forces from Russian mercenaries to the Obama-Biden waffling in Tripoli that resulted the deaths of multiple embassy personnel.

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Neither one of us are all the way right and it’s that mutual, united understanding and respect of that truth, that culminates the saying, two heads are better than one.

Booooo…I think we’re both better than that.