Giving Up Cable?

Anybody here get out of the cable game and so solely the live streaming route like Roku? A friend was tellling me about Firestick? Any other options? My cable bill (Spectrum / Orlando) is $200 a month for 2 DVRs, and high speed internet. Don’t have any premium channels like HBO or Cinemax because youhave to buy an expensive package. I might buy them if you culd do it a la carte.

Any info would be appreciated.

I cut cable long ago. I have an old-fashioned modern antenna that delivers about 15 HD channels. I watch Netflix and Amazon Prime through my PS4, and that’s plenty of TV for me. Netflix is about $15 a month and Amazon Prime is about $120 per year. And I don’t do it, but you can buy HBO a la carte.

My mom has a Firestick and it works fine for her. She watches Netflix and the Twins through the MLB app.

I haven’t had cable in probably 5 years. I’m an IT guy so I know all the tricks about how to get entertainment for free. But honestly if you just get a Roku and add the PlutoTV app you can tons of channels at no cost. You can also go to and catch just about any sporting even you want.

Gave up satellite and paid subscriptions years ago.

Kodi 17.6 Build 2017

Kodi is awesome. I used WMC for quite a while before I discovered it. Active open source development is a great thing.

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I’ve never had cable. I’ve always been a big patron of the local library with movies and TV on DVD, even easier now I can put things on hold online and they are waiting for me to pick them up.

We do Netflix through Wii console or online.

We live in an area where we get all the major networks through antenna plus they each have a bunch of sub-channels with various themes.

We have more than enough tv.

I have roku and the $20 a month doing tv. You get the channels in HD too. The only problem is sometimes big sports games or shows have quality problems but it seems to slowly get better. Plus I like how you can cancel / restart anytime. So I cancel between football and NBA seasons and use CBS news since it’s free

Sling not “doing”

With most all streaming services you will need to keep your high speed internet. So you need to consider that as an ongoing cost.

Then you’ll need to pay for whatever and how many streaming services you will use.

Still adds up.

Been away from cable for more than a decade, and don’t miss it. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu are all I need.

And then there’s always books. :wink:

So you’re admitting to stealing, then?

cut the cord 2 years ago
google fiber for internet
we have a roku box for streaming
amazon prime
directtv now (we get a big discount due to our att cell phone pachage otherwise id drop it)
HBO (free becasue of our cell phone package other wise id drop it)
CBS all access

total cost is something like $110/month including internet service

i use plex since it has a native roku app

I’m way too lazy to cut the cord. Plus, I’m a tennis addict and it’s on practically 24/7 11 months of the year, so I do a lot of recording. As it is, I also have to have WTA TV which has no app, and Tennis Channel Plus - because not every match is broadcast on TV or at all in the States. I used to have to watch on illegal streams from god knows where and don’t want to go back to that.

We pay a ridiculous amount for cable, plus Netflix, and my tennis, because we have whole house DVR and a box on every 4 sets.

It’s at least $275/month for everything (includes internet.)

Son has YouTube TV and is very happy with it.

We had Dish Network and was paying almost 200 per month. We cut the cord back in March 2017. We currently have 4 Firesticks and use Hulu Live, Netflix, Amazon, other offerings on the Kodi App, to go along with a digital antenna for local channels. It works great, however there are some channels (AMC and STARZ) that I miss having, but other than it’s probably one of the best moves we made to keep money in our pockets.

Also…I have a VPN (IPVanish) on each firestick. That’s a must if you’re using Kodi.

You have the Kodi App and you can’t find AMC or Starz? :thinking:

No. Not that.
Would like the view those shows live, not a couple hours later or the day after when a good stream is available. Both are available as an app, but have to pay extra and I’m not doing that.

Wish I had a clue which add-on I could point you to, because I have those along with 4,000+ other live stations.

There is one I’m using and it has been good, but last night as I was get ready to watch “Into the Badlands”, the AMC stream wasn’t working and has not worked even today. I thought upgrading IPVANISH would do he trick, but it didn’t so…