Giving Thanks a Day Early

I would like to give thanks to all the members in good standing for your participation and your feedback.

This was a very tough year so far and a very heated election. And despite those facts, the vast, vast majority of our members did an outstanding job of being civil and adhering to the rules.

I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Please do what you need to do to enjoy it safely.


Yes…we all managed to get through 2020 without any serious blood baths…well we still have another 40 days or so to go. :rofl:


Thanks Sneaky, and the rest of the mods, for modding on your own time. I understand how hard and frustrating modding can get sometimes, with having to mitigate fights and all.


This morning on the radio I heard about a family who used a sheet as a table cover for thanksgiving. They placed a bunch of “Sharpies” on the table along with the food. All the family members would write down on the table cover what they were most thankful for over the last year. The next year they used the same cover and did the same thing. Every passing year it was harder to find an empty spot on the cover to write on. After 20 some years they really had a family heirloom. Imagine looking on that table cover over the last 20 some years and seeing what your kids were thankful for when they were in elementary school. I wished I had heard about doing this when I got married almost 40 years ago.


Tomorrow is going to be the most ridiculously expensive Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever eaten. 14 people, 22 lbs of seafood.


I am thankful for this forum and that so many thoughtful and eloquent members spend time and contribute.

This place is an unusual and welcome environment. Try and find another like it…you won’t.

Thank you Mods and sponsors.

Thank you President Trump.

Thank you Sleepy Joe for the content to come.


Thank you to every one of our posters who’ve contributed over the years. 2020 has been a wild one, and I hope everyone is healthy and happy irl. We’ll be at my BIL tomorrow for an oyster roast. A little different, but he wanted to host Thanksgiving this year, and insisted on oysters. I’m looking forward to it, and am thankful, but will miss the leftover turkey sandwiches for the next couple of days.

God bless, everyone. I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving.


I like that kind of thing too. But then I always still buy a turkey and cook the regular feast at home in the days after. :slight_smile:

Have a happy Thanksgiving, all!


Thanks to Mr. Hannity for continuing to offer this space. I’ve enjoyed it.

Will be a gym rat tomorrow on holiday hours.

You guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I fixed your quote malfunction.

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Thank you.

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Well have a great Thanksgiving.
I just threw my turkey into the oven…my custom done stuffing of rice mushrooms walnuts raisins pumpkin seeds and giblets will be yummmmmmmm.

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Yep, the Thanksgiving meal at Plymouth would’ve included mussels, lobster, fish, clams, etc., all part of their New England diet at the time.

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Back at ya, Sneaky and the sentiments expressed.

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Sounds awesome and will no doubt be a lot of fun. Enjoy. I expect to see some pics, Mister :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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We’ll see how sober I am later. 22lbs is just our contribution. I expect a case of iodine poisoning today. lol