Giuliani willing to work for $20,000 a day

Well, that’s what he’s being accused of by a few sources.

However, his own statement is:

“I never asked for $20,000,” he said. “The arrangement is, we’ll work it out at the end.”

What does that even mean? He’s willing to do the work without an upfront contract on how much he’s going to get paid?

But is $20,000 a day out of line? Assuming Giuliani puts in an 8-hour day, that’s only $2,500 an hour. BiIlled in 5 minute increments, of course.

If lawyers in Cheyenne get $250 an hour, which they do, I’m sure lawyers in New York get $2,500 as a matter of course.

Trashing what little is left of your legal reputation and potentially risking being disbarred? $20k per day sounds iffy, but we are talking about idiotic grifters who are broke. Both Giuliani and Trump, that is. :wink:

Rudy pretends to know what’s going on in a courtroom, Trump pretends to pay him. Everybody is happy.


Reputation among whom? Liberals hate him and conservatives don’t. Are you seeing something different? :man_shrugging:

I don’t know why but I’m reminded of Twelve Monkeys in the insane asylum with Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis here. :rofl:

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My kids are getting pretty good with Monopoly money, but the game usually ends in a tantrum.

So pretty good parallel all around…

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For the comedic value he provided yesterday he is being underpaid…

And holding a trump press conference between a crematorium and a sex shop… thats andy kaufman level comedy…

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Remember when Rudy butt dialed a reporter while talking to those two russian stooges about how they were gonna find the money to support their jet setting boondoggle?

Good times.

How long has it been since Rudy actually tried a case in a courtroom? 20+ years?

I love that there are these “pro-social” and “cooperative” games out there now, but our numbskulls just turn them into competitive games.

Somewhere between thirty and thirty five I think.

1992 according to PACER

The history of Monopoly is beyond fascinating:

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“Sources say?” LOL All of the lawyers working on this case are volunteering their time. IOW, working for free.

You get what you pay for.

When you’re hiring high end law firms upwards of 500.00 an hour is the norm rather than the exception and that’s just for the lawyer him/herself. You are billed additionally for the jr partners and underlings along with any time the Legal Secretary puts in.

Right now our city is so corrupt we can’t even find anyone within a hundred miles willing to be our “City Atty” and so we’re paying 450.00/hr for a lawyer 150 miles away and being billed up to 400.00/hr additionally for everyone else’s work at the firm. If another Sr. Partner is consulted we’re paying them 450.00/hr as well.