Giuliani: "Truth isn't truth"

Incredible to watch “America’s Mayor” destroy whatever reputation he has left, all in real time.

Add this to Kellyanne’s “alternative facts” and to Trump’s “don’t believe what you’re reading and seeing” pile.

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It’s astounding that so-called Christians will sit here and defend this over and over and over, and then beleive the constant lies of these liars.

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“Truth isn’t truth” is the kind of Giuliani joke that someone might tell, without thinking he’d be so far gone as to actually say it.


Lubing the maggots…something big is coming…

But it’s taking longer than winter in GoT.

He really seemed especially demented today- all that inappropriate laughter. And for him to claim Veselnitskaya wasn’t a Russian government lawyer, when it was so stated in the emails that Junior himself released… demented.

This may very well be the Trump / Giuliani version of “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.”

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I’ve been waiting for that book for seven years now.

Me too!

I read all of the others in a self-imposed, couch-ridden month.

Hah. I kind of did the same thing. After season 1 of GoT came out, I was determined to read all the books before season 2.

The one I liked the most was the one least liked by most. Third one, fourth? Brienne played a big role. It was an entire book of minor characters and back story. Such a good idea.

I hope that Mueller can bring treason charges against some of the anti-Americans in the Trump orbit. Hanging some of them will send a strong message to others that may think of betraying their country as the Trumpists have.

I think that’s the 4th book. It was actually intended to be part of the 3rd book, but Martin had too much material.

I think the reason a lot of people don’t like that book as much is because of the time skip back to earlier events. The overarching story moves so slowly that it’s frustrating that we have to go back in time to cover other character perspectives instead of furthering the plot.

But yes. It was good. However, I think that you and I have it easier because we could immediately start the 5th book to get the plot moving again. Readers, at the time, had to wait 5 years to get that book, and another 6 years to get the book they wanted.

And then we are supposed to treat them like good faith partners in this little experiment called America.

Too funny…you libs wouldn’t know what the truth is even if it slaps you upside of your head.


You’ve been caught more than enough times making it up as you go along.

Pretty brave of you to be throwing stones from your glass palace.

Good point about earlier readers having to wait.

I understand that frustration.

I like novels, or collections of novels, that feel like they can go on forever. That book really did the job for me.

Would you walk outside on a 95 degree day and believe it was snowing if Fox News and Trump told you so?

Some conservatives need to open their eyes and learn to respect themselves a bit.

Great contribution to the conversation about Rudy flagrantly lying and then saying “truth isn’t truth” on Meet the Press.