Rudy Giuliani pushed for regime change in Iran on Saturday, saying President Donald Trump is “as committed to regime change as we are.”

So this is important…Trumps gonna rip up the Iran deal and we are going to invade them…

Wag the dog

Meh you lack imagination.
George Soros is commited to regime change and has bern called the financier of the Arab Spring. Dwight Eisenhower had seen enough war and set America on its Cold War path of supporting coups, and proxy wars.

Both then and now Russia has established a long and repeatedly repeated path of funding undergrounds, military training camps and opposition political parties in other countrues, and never ever once has anyone said that method was immoral or illegal.

We have a host of options available to us. Invasion is but one.

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Does anybody else but me think Rudy is not playing with a full deck right now?

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Republicans have never met a war they didn’t like. I’ve said it before but I find it ironic that it was a Republican president who warned of the ills of the Military Industrial Complex. And now feeding that complex is a huge part of the Republican platform. And let’s no forget the Republican’s love of dead soldiers. Seems they can’t get enough Americans in harm’s way fast enough.


Sleepless night. Garbled my thoughts

I meant that Russia has also funded under ground movements, political parties etc… , regim (adding them to the list of regime changers using methods other than invasion.)

Where is the thread about Trump getting a Nobel Peace Prize for an amorphous verbal promise from Kim?

Will that nomination be withdrawn for blowing up a concrete nonproliferation deal with Iran?

Why is the President’s personal lawyer commenting on foreign policy?

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Rudy is going to give himself a stoke.

Lets not forget, Rudy has freed the hostages in NK.

Miracle worker, that man.

Loved this moment from this morning, too:

Q: And – and you’ve said he – he – this was a regular arrangement he had with Michael Cohen. So did Michael Cohen make payments to other women for the president?

GIULIANI: I have no knowledge of that but I – I – I would think if it was necessary, yes.

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Rudy - the gift that keeps on giving.

Just like a case of herpes. (but enough about Trump’s personal Vietnam)

No I got that part.

The part that confused me was where you said no one has ever once said that method was immoral or illegal.

Seriously…is there anyone competent in any vicinity of Trump? Hires the best my ass.

Let’s hope so, we should have gone to war with Iran a long time ago. I’m looking forward to the carpet bombing.

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