Giuliani Says Trump Repaid Cohen

You’ve been taking in lies upon lies upon lies, that you seemingly willfully swallow, only to later find out from the very liars themselves, that they were lying and you say, but it’s legal. Brutal.

You new to following politics.

The old saying: How do you know when a politician is lying? Their mouths are moving.\

Rudy Giuliani, one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday night that the president fired James Comey because Comey refused to tell Trump he wasn’t under investigation as part of the Russia probe. Giuliani’s comments contradicted the White House’s official position on firing Comey, which was his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Giuliani also called Comey a “disgraceful liar.”

Holy geeze Rudy.

So you know he banged the porn star and then paid her off, lied about it up until just now, right?

Holy crap. This whole interview is going down as a complete ■■■■■■■■■■■.

Trump team better get in front of this thing. Start saying Rudy spent the couple hours before the interview with the Candyman, Dr. Jackson. Blame it on the peyote. Something. Anything.

Good luck with that. There can be multiple reasons for not wanting that known. The agreement says, if I recall correctly, that they are not to discus it with his family. How is that campaign related?.
At most, that would be a reporting violation, which has never resulted in more than a fine and a wrist slap.

Completely legal.

That’s the standard of the Republican Party and conservatives these days.

Well of course. More of what we all alredy knew. Just waiting for T-rump to come out and admit it. Like so much more.

Nope, they’re nose diving right into this. Well Rudy is anyway.

Trump is tweeting right now too. Past his bedtime. This could get weird.

Well lets just say he paid her off but insist he did not bang. Whats that say about him?

Crap. I need to go to bed. But I don’t want to miss this.

I’ve been training for this level weirdness all my life and to miss out at Peak Weird just because of some middle aged need to both sleep and go to work is not how I imagined it all going down.


Smoked but didn’t inhale?

I hear you.

This is when all the hard work pays off.


Hired Scott priut…his former hhs director…carson and the table…need I go on?

Ok I will…devos pay for play … Mitcheswife getting transportation for him downplaying Russia etc…

Oh how about Rudi and using former and current f bi out of new York in order to get dirt on hillary…remember how you said that the f bi has been turned into a weapon and political…yet you ignore actual evidence for ■■■■■■■■ conspiracies…you are what you eat…

Why did Trump repay over a period of months? How did he pay?

Rudy said he was going to end this whole thing in two weeks. He might just do it after all.


Giuliani said he though the Lester Holt interview went well.


Some of us have standards and not weak excuses…

I just cant see myself paying for someone to keep their mouth shut if I did not have sex with them.